Government applications .. Do they consume battery life?

While many (iOS) phone users on social media platforms wonder about the reasons for battery consumption by government applications such as “Tawakulna” and others, compared to (Android) devices, which many consumers see as more energy-saving, technical researcher Mohamed Al-Harbi confirmed that The problem appears every time (Apple) launches a new operating system, and the reason for its appearance, especially in (iOS 14), is that the system updates everything on the phone or mobile device from applications, programs, and games.

common questions

Al-Watan monitored many questions directed to the official customer service account of the “Tawakkalna” application, and most of them were about that the application consumes 30% of the battery due to the map system, while the account answered that “Tawakkalna” does not consume the battery significantly, but it requires approval of Permanently grant geolocation permission to function properly.

Al-Harbi added: “If you find that the iPad or iPhone is running on a low battery, the problem may be in one of the applications that uses the battery more, and a list in the “Settings” section can help you find out which applications or games consume the battery greatly, and through these Information you can take steps to reduce battery consumption.

reduce consumption

To reduce battery consumption, Al-Harbi recommended closing programs when not in use and setting the iPhone to sleep when you are not using the device.

He added: It is also important to stop the background application refresh, and you can do this by opening “Settings”, pressing “General” from the menu on the left side, and choosing “Background application refresh”.

You can turn off the Background App Refresh feature, or stop updating some applications, as well as lowering the screen brightness to save battery consumption, especially on ISO devices.

energy saving

The technology specialist, Muhannad Al-Ansari, stated that there is great neglect in ignoring the methods of saving energy for the device, as the energy saving system reduces the amount needed by the device, by stopping the work of some applications, and it works in the same way in the (iOS) and (Android) system.

He continued: «The device battery performance can be improved by updating the latest software, as phone updates usually include advanced technology to save energy, so always make sure to provide your device with the latest version, and avoid extreme ambient temperatures, as all mobile devices are designed to perform well. Under different ambient temperatures, the safe operating range of the devices is between 16°C to 22°C (62° to 72°F).”

Turn off location services for consuming apps:

– Turn off the operation by going to the settings «Privacy» location services.

– In location services, you will find each app listed with its permission settings, you will find an indicator next to the (start/stop) switch to run with apps that have used location services recently.


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