Gourmet is an inherited tradition, so what is its story?

Ramadan is related to the ancient customs that are rooted in various societies, and are inherited from parents and grandparents, and the blessed month is not completed without them, and among them are the “gourmets” that are still continuing in the regions of the Kingdom, and their names differ among each family, but they are famous by this name, which means “taste Your neighbor did what you cooked for breakfast », as they have a desire to share breakfast even if they do not meet on a single trip.

Various names

We find “gourmets” also in the neighboring Gulf states and Arab and Islamic countries, where it is known in Syria as “the sakba”, and in Algeria as “salt”, and it is a Ramadan habit that is one of the old customs rooted in Saudi society, and is inherited by children from parents and grandparents, and Ramadan is only complete With it, because of its close emotional connection with the spirituality of the holy month, where the family takes a small portion of breakfast food and sends it to the neighbors, and children usually perform the task of the “messenger” in this custom before the sunset call to prayer.

It is mentioned that it appeared in the past due to the lack of adequate food, and sometimes the lack of food, so every neighbor’s neighbor shares what he has in breakfast, and this is evidence of the intensity of solidarity and social cohesion among members of the community, where neighbors share food among themselves, and after the boom it continued as a Ramadan habit or As a kind of gift. The people also compete in it, quickly for the favor, and for the reward of a fasting breakfast.

The impact of the pandemic

The “Corona pandemic” led to the cessation of this habit last year, as it was difficult to continue it at a time when the Kingdom was facing the peak of the pandemic in the month of Ramadan last year, and everyone at that time had a strong fear of transmitting the virus through the exchanged breakfast dishes, and there was nothing They are guaranteed their safety, which made them miss her every day during Ramadan, but it came back again this year, and regained its position in the Saudi society that was yearning for it, so that we would go back and hear the phrase «breakfast neighbors is not», but in spite of that, there is Those who see that it is no longer present as in past years, and some justify that by the fact that the level of luxury and luxury and the abundance of food that we live make it lose its importance and beauty.


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