Google fights exploitative websites

Google is updating its search algorithms to prevent sites from filling search results with unproven claims about individuals, and the changes come on the heels of a series of recent reports from a newspaper. New York TimegThe newspaper has found a vast network of sites hosting unverified claims that harm people’s lives, and an entire industry of other services that promise to remove offensive content from search results for a hefty fee.

The search giant is making a series of changes to its ratings to combat sites, which it said should have a significant and positive impact on those affected, and when users report that they have been a victim to these sites using the pre-existing process, the company registers this person as a known victim, and blocks Automatically results similar to that person’s name, which represents an important shift given how these sites operate, as posts are routinely taken from one site and republished across more than a dozen others.

Google’s changes can help prevent these many posts from hindering search results.


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