Google changes threaten thousands of accounts with deletion

New rules announced by Google to control its popular online applications, starting from this month, will enable it to delete user accounts on (Gmail), (Google Photos) and (Google Drive) without the need for permission.

The American technology company had warned its users for the first time about its new rules months ago, but it already took them into effect at the beginning of this month, as these rules are supposed to affect the accounts of users, who may be surprised by all their data going directly to the digital trash.

In an email sent to users, Google said: “We are writing to let you know that we recently announced new storage policies for Google accounts using Gmail and Google Drive, including Google Docs, Sheets and Views. Presentations and graphics.. all your content may be removed,” in an attempt by the company to get rid of accounts and files that have been dormant for a number of years, which means that there is no need to panic, if you use your account on a regular basis.

Besides Google’s ability now to remove content, there’s another big change coming into effect from tomorrow as well. Another change Google made is that once Google Photos users were able to upload endless photos without having to pay for the privilege, it will now have to pay for that service if usage increases to more than 15GB of storage.


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