Golf star Tiger Woods seriously injured in crash

Golf star Tiger Woods, 45, suffered on Tuesday February 23 “Multiple leg injuries” requiring surgery after going off the road and rolling several times while driving alone in his car near Los Angeles.

The golfer was still “Conscious” after the accident, which occurred shortly after 7 a.m. (local time, 4 p.m. in France), a Los Angeles fire official, Chief Daryl Osby, told a press conference. The first policeman to arrive at the scene, Carlos Gonzales, described him as “Lucid and calm”, while he was a prisoner in his vehicle. To get Tiger Woods out of his car, the emergency services had to use a specialized tool and an ax. The star was then evacuated to a nearby hospital.

In a statement posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday morning, February 24 (French time), the medical team that operated on him specified the extent of his injuries and detailed the surgeries performed after the accident which a police officer said ‘he had “Was very lucky to get out alive”.

The “Tiger” suffered “Multiple open fractures” to the right leg which required inserting a metal rod into the tibia and screws to consolidate the bones of the foot and ankle, the statement explained. “He is awake, conscious and resting” in the hospital, adds the text, without specifying the duration of his hospitalization or even any long-term consequences.

While no other vehicle appears to be involved in the crash, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Services have launched an investigation to clarify the circumstances.

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According to the first observations, Tiger Woods crossed the central reservation and carried out several rolls, hitting a tree in passing, before coming to a stop on the side. The sheriff felt that Woods, who ” had buckled his seat belt », Was circulating “At a relatively higher speed than normal” going downhill, specifying that no braking signs had been observed.

Images broadcast by local television shortly after the accident showed the SUV lying on its side, the hood appearing badly damaged and the airbags deployed, in the vegetation bordering the road between the communities of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes, in south of Los Angeles.

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Tiger Woods was in the California megalopolis due to a tournament he sponsored, the Genesis Invitational, which wrapped up last weekend. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said his men had found no ” no proof “ suggesting that Tiger Woods was driving under the influence of narcotics, medication or alcohol at the time of the accident.


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