Golden Globe enables foreign language films to compete

After a controversy in recent months about how much it represents societal diversity, the American Golden Globe Awards announced that it is in the process of amending its rules to enable films in foreign languages ​​to compete in the general and animated films categories.

These criticisms prompted the American television network, NBC, which usually broadcasts the Golden Globe celebration, to abandon broadcasting the next session to make time for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to promote its ethnic and cultural diversity and increase its transparency.

This year, a lot of the association decided to limit the nomination of “Minari” to the category of best foreign language film, and not to include it in the general categories, a film directed by American Lee Isaac Chang, which deals with the story of an immigrant family from South Korea in the United States, who moves to the American countryside in pursuit of A new life, most of his scenes were filmed in Korean.

“Minari” was not nominated in the Best Comedy or Dramatic Film categories at the Golden Globe Awards, despite being nominated in major categories within the Academy Awards, and the Oscar-winning movie last year, “Parasite” met the same fate for the same reasons.

“This year, we conducted a process of reconsidering the rules we adopt,” the association’s president, Ali Sarr, said in a statement, which was received by Agence France-Presse, in response to criticism from the entertainment sector. “And we decided to adopt new approaches at the awards ceremony next year, which included giving these films the attention that they You deserve it.”


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