“Global security”, a very popular march of freedoms

More than 130,000 demonstrators – 46,000 in Paris – according to the Ministry of the Interior marched Saturday, November 28 between the Place de la République and that of the Bastille, in Paris, to the cries of ” Darmanin resignation “. The slogans – ” the land of police rights “,” the Republic in reverse “,” blurring of mouth “- almost all referred to the law on” global security »Adopted Tuesday at first reading by the Assembly, and which the demonstrators demand the withdrawal.

Mobilization every week

Some had already mobilized last Saturday. They promise to come back every week, on the model of the yellow vests. “ I will come as many times as I need, there is a problem of systemic racism in the police, it is a body which does not question itself and which protects itself, I know what I am talking about “, Denounces Juliette, 30, editor in Paris and came with a sign” I’m not antiflic, I have a cop daddy “.

Like most of the demonstrators she met, Juliette was particularly shocked by the videos of police violence against journalists and migrants in Place de la République on Tuesday and against a producer in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

This video by Michel Zecler, I thought it was that in the United States things like that. I knew that there was violence in France, but to see it like that, it clicked ”, explains Thomas, 21, a Staps student, who was demonstrating for the first time.

In the procession, the profile of the demonstrators was very varied, like the collective ” Stop! Global security law »At the origin of the demonstration, which brings together journalists’ unions, NGOs, the association of the judicial press, the League of Human Rights (LDH) …

“We will not let go”

I do not understand why we make laws to protect the police when we are the ones who need to be protected from the police, and have been for several years », Denounces Léa, 21 years old, student in international relations, came to demonstrate at the call of the Committee« The Truth for Adama ».

Like Léa, Kim, 30, a digital employee, who believes that videos “Are the only way we have to make all this violence visible”, had taken part in the demonstration against police violence organized on June 2 by the Adama Committee in front of the Paris courthouse (20,000 people were present).

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Before the arrival of the procession at Place de la Bastille, violence broke out along Boulevard Beaumarchais. Protesters masked as black burned cars, motorcycles from a BMW dealership whose window was fractured, street furniture and a newsstand.

To the throws of projectiles, stones and glass bottles, the police responded with tear gas. ” It’s always a bit the same thing at the end of the event, regrets Robert, 63-year-old retiree. We go home having taken plenty of gas, but we will not let go “.

Violence at the end of the course

At the end of the day, clashes broke out between demonstrators and the police. Gérald Darmanin condemned “Once again unacceptable violence against the police”, which punctuated the demonstrations in Paris and everywhere on the territory against the text “Global security”. In a tweet, the Minister of the Interior reported “37 wounded police and gendarmes” during these demonstrations.

Several videos circulated on social networks showing police officers severely beaten.

Strong mobilization in Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, the organizers estimate that 20,000 people responded to the national appeal, which was relayed locally by around sixty organizations. A mobilization never seen in this city since the demonstration in tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and in which the mayor, Pierre Hurmic participated in particular.

During the speeches on the Place de la Bourse, the political parties did not have the floor. Myriam Eckert, an activist of CLAP33 (collective against police abuse), recognized as a victim of police violence, and Pierre-Antoine Cazaux, of the League of Human Rights, recalled that the Girondine capital had been the scene of serious blunders during the movement of yellow vests, of which dozens of activists were present this Saturday.

However, this violence which gave rise to IGPN investigations and police indictments were the most documented in images of professional journalists, witnesses or activists, such as the shooting of LBD which had plunged into a coma. fireman Olivier Beziade.

Speakers demanded the removal of the most contested articles of the global security law, but also the withdrawal of the national law enforcement plan and the dismissal of the prefect of Paris, Didier Lallement, stationed in Bordeaux during the vest protests most repressed yellow.

However, it was in a good-natured atmosphere that the procession, made up of many young people, families and the elderly, set off in the direction of Place Pey-Berland. Many waving house signs “Vichy 2.0”, banners “I am Michel” in reference to the music producer attacked by police, some sang “We want caresses not CRS”.

François Hollande against article 24

During the day of Saturday, November 28, several political figures demanded the withdrawal of the most controversial article of the law “global security”. Among them, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Yannick Jadot, but also François Hollande. “When a text strikes the conscience and divides society, when it risks provoking violence, it must be withdrawn,” said the former president of the republic in a video posted on social networks.


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