George A. Romero’s ultimate zombie film project in the works

Suzanne Romero, the widow of the director of Night of the living dead died in 2017, gave permission to three screenwriters to continue writing Twilight of the Dead.

He will certainly not be able to be behind the camera, George A. Romero died of cancer in 2017. But his widow Suzanne swears that it will be a film in the mind of the American director of Night of the living dead, report The Hollywood Reporter . The project is called Twilight of the Dead (“The twilight of the living dead” in French).

The filmmaker had gone as far as writing the beginning of the screenplay, after having entirely written the treatment (longer than the synopsis, this document generally develops the general plot over a few dozen pages). He was supported by Paolo Zelati. The film was to be a farewell to the genre of zombie flick that Romero created in 1968 with Night of the living dead, then explored in Zombie or in Day of the living dead.

“I gave Paolo Zelati all my blessing, explains Suzanne Romero, as long as I’m there every step of the way to make sure the work stays true to George’s vision. ” Zelati then brought in two other writers, Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas. Together, they will continue the adventures of Big Daddy, character of Land of the dead , whose fate remained in suspense at the end of this film released in 2005.

Suzanne Romero assures him, “George would have been very happy to know that his work continues”. The master and inventor of the zombie movie died in 2017 at the age of 77. With The night of the living dead, added in 1999 to the National Film Registry in the United States, “I started something that I could never escape from. I never wanted to escape from! ”, Romero confided in the production notes of Land of the dead. And who therefore pursues him even after his death …


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