“Galaxy S21 Ultra” … goes beyond the limits of smartphones

TM RoH: The launch of the phone is another example of the company’s pioneering role in pushing the boundaries of innovation

Providing targeted devices and products that give users personal experiences that enrich their lives

We allow customers to express themselves in completely new ways with the new phone in our family

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled the “Galaxy S21 Ultra” phone, which is its latest innovation in the world of smartphones and has been meticulously designed to exceed the limits of what a smartphone can offer to users.

The phone comes with a set of the best features and technologies that have never been seen before, such as the most advanced professional camera system, and the brightest and most intelligent display across the Galaxy system so far.

The new phone takes productivity capabilities and creative features to a whole new level, by adding the famous S Pen experience to the Galaxy S series for the first time ever.

“The launch of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is another example of the pioneering role the company is playing to push the boundaries of innovation and provide targeted devices and products that contribute to the awarding of the Galaxy S21 Ultra,” said TM Roh, Head and Director of Research and Development in the Information Technology and Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics Users have personal experiences that enrich their lives and enable them to express themselves in completely new ways. ”

He added that with the increasing importance of technology during this period, the company was keen through the design of its new phone to provide new features and new capabilities to reformulate the concept of what smart phones can offer.

The latest additions

The “Galaxy S21 Ultra” is Samsung’s latest addition to the “Galaxy S” series, which has been known for its long legacy that spans more than a decade, by providing unprecedented smartphone experiences.

The new phone is specially designed for users who are looking for the latest technologies that can keep them in touch with the people and the most important things in their lives, and take all the details and moments of their lives to a new level of excellence.

Breakthrough innovation

Group “Galaxy S21” unveils a new and bold approach that places it in a leading position compared to other smartphones in the market.

“Galaxy S21 Ultra” has a completely new frame for the camera that merges seamlessly with the metal frame of the device to give a stylish and attractive aesthetic. It is available in Phantom Black and Phantom Silver, with a final layer of Haze “Finish” luxury material, for a modern and sophisticated look that remains in mind.

More colors will be available exclusively on the official website of “Samsung”, and include Phantom brown, dark blue and Phantom titanium, with “Corning Gorilla Glass Victus”, which is the most durable glass.

The «Galaxy S21 Ultra» is the largest in the family of «Galaxy S21», with a screen size of 6.8 inches, equipped with «Dynamic AMOLED 2X» technology, which is the most intelligent screen «Samsung» so far, as well as a combination of screen fluidity at a refresh rate of 120 Hz and accuracy « QUAD HD + », in addition to a dynamic refresh rate that changes according to the content the user is watching from 10 to 120 Hz, to ensure the best picture enjoyment and to preserve energy efficiency to further extend the life of the battery.

The “S21 Ultra” phone provides a 25 percent brighter picture, at a peak brightness of 1500 nits, compared to the “Galaxy S20”, making it the brightest screen on the Galaxy phones.

Thanks to an improved contrast ratio of 50 percent, the phone provides crisp and clear images, even when shooting outdoors.

Similar to the “Galaxy S21” and “S21 +”, “Galaxy S21 Ultra” is equipped with an “Eye Comfort Shield” feature to reduce eye fatigue.

The best camera

“Galaxy S21 Ultra” offers many of the features that make it the best in its class, thanks to the most advanced professional camera system, to capture stunning studio-quality photos, in various lighting environments and settings, or to shoot and edit video clips using tools supported by the advantages of artificial intelligence technology. Improving image quality.

The phone features a quad rear camera (wide-angle lens, ultra-wide lens, dual lens for remote photography) with an updated 108-megapixel professional sensor, which can capture HDR (12 bit) images with high color accuracy 64 times richer and a wider dynamic range. Three times.

And for the first time on a “Galaxy” phone, users can shoot at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second for all the front and rear lenses, to enhance the ability to move from one picture frame to the other with the same quality, in addition to the option of a “12-bit RAW” file, which helps Save all details when editing photos.

The images maintain their quality when using the S21 Ultra’s telephoto feature, which features a 100-fold zoom feature that is powered by the first-ever Samsung dual-lens system, with an optical lens X3 and an X10 lens, both equipped with a feature (2PD Dual Pixel). AF), so that clear photos can be captured under all conditions.

The improved “Bright Night” sensor from the “Galaxy S21 Ultra” is the most important innovation of its kind for “Samsung” in the field of photography in low-light environments.

Thanks to the improved night mode feature, noise reduction and the 12-megapixel “Nona-binning” technology, the user will also be able to capture exceptional pictures in various conditions, such as a dimly lit room or a night landscape, quickly and with excellent quality.

Unthinkable speed and intelligence

“Galaxy S21 Ultra” is an extension of Samsung’s legacy in introducing pioneering technology such as Ultra Wideband (UWB) and introducing new communication technology that will change the way users interact with smartphones.

Users expect to get a creative and productive experience when using the groundbreaking Galaxy S21 Ultra.

For the first time on a device from the “S” series, “Samsung” offers the “S pen” experience in the “Galaxy” group in the “Galaxy S21 Ultra” phone, to raise productivity and creativity to the highest level by adopting “Wacom” technology. Consumers will be able to use the “S Pen” creatively, from the ability to draw and take notes to editing photos and signing documents. They can use the “S Pen” of the Galaxy Note or the “Galaxy Tab” or purchase a pen separately on its own. Or with a special holder.

“Galaxy S21 Ultra” supports “WiFi 6E”, which is one of the first smartphones to support this feature, which means the ability to transfer data and connect to the Internet faster than before, to watch and share content at high speed, thanks to the high-speed 5G and low latency Extremely.

The “S21 Ultra” is designed to enjoy faster viewing and uploading of video clips, in addition to participating in virtual conferences thanks to the “Video Conference” feature.

The Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology available in the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 + provides the ability to use the Galaxy S21 to automatically unlock compatible car doors without the need to use the key. You can also use the AR Finder. ), To communicate through messages with “Galaxy” smart users to inform them of the need for assistance in searching for something lost.

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