“Galaxy S21” and “Galaxy S21 +”: new “Samsung” to distinguish customers around the world

TM Roh: We currently live in a world where mobile phones are at the top of the list of priorities

Working remotely and spending more time at home has inspired us to offer a new smartphone experience

– The “Galaxy S21” series gives you the freedom to choose the best device that fits your needs and your life

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. launched its latest flagship phones in the “Galaxy S” series, namely, “Galaxy S21” and “Galaxy S21 +”, which are designed to give users the ability to express themselves in an unprecedented way.

“Galaxy S21” offers a set of the latest innovations that are specially designed in harmony with the way we live, allowing users to benefit from every moment to the maximum.

The two new phones combine a stylish design with a superb professional camera, which enables the user to take professional and high-quality photos regardless of the level of their photography skills, thanks to its advanced features and technologies.

The two phones are equipped with the most advanced processor ever through the “Galaxy” system, in addition to the efficiency, performance and communication speeds that are famous for “Samsung” devices.

“We currently live in a world where mobile phones are at the top of the list of priorities, especially with the tendency of many of us to work remotely and spend more time at home,” said the head and director of research and development in the Information Technology and Mobile Communications Department at Samsung Electronics. This inspired us to offer a new experience for smartphones that meet the multimedia requirements that always change according to our lifestyles.

“With our awareness of the importance of choosing, especially now, the (Galaxy S21) series gives you the freedom to choose the best device that fits your needs and lifestyle.”

Pilot experiences

For a decade, the “Galaxy S” series has provided pioneering experiences for users who rely on phones for communication as well as for entertainment, which is the legacy on which the new “Galaxy S21” series relies to provide a pioneering experience and make consumers’ lives more unique.

“Galaxy S21” will be available in a variety of different models, so that users can select the ideal option according to their needs and lifestyle, in addition to professional camera technologies and superior performance, at different prices.

A bold new approach

“Galaxy S21” is specially designed to express the personality of users, especially those who prefer to have a phone with a light design and a small screen of 6.2 inches.

The Galaxy S21 + features a large 6.7-inch screen and a larger battery, making it ideal for video game enthusiasts and watchers.

For those who love photography, the “Galaxy S21” series has an entirely new frame for the camera, which merges smoothly with the metal frame of the device, giving it a stylish aesthetic appearance.

“Galaxy S21” and “Galaxy S21 +” also come in a variety of distinctive colors, including a new distinctive color, Phantom Purple, while the devices were provided with a luxurious “Haze Finish” layer for a more elegant and distinctive design.

The “Galaxy S21” screen features “Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O” from edge to edge, with a refresh rate of 120Hz, making it easy to move the screen for viewing.

And the screen frame is automatically adjusted to suit the content the user is watching and to reduce eye fatigue. The phone screen also features an “Eye Comfort Shield” that automatically adjusts the level of blue light according to the content the user is watching and when the phone is used.

Featured moments

The “Galaxy S21” series continues the famous “Samsung” legacy of camera development, with the introduction of innovations and professional improvements that enable users of all levels to obtain the best quality photos in all occasions and events.

The improved “Snap 8K” technology enables the ability to capture clear images from 8K video clips, enabling users to immortalize moments as they happen, and obtain distinct stills when recording video clips.

Pictures and video clips can be captured with the utmost stability with the “Super Steady” feature, at an enhanced rate of 60 frames per second, regardless of the conditions in which the shooting is taking place.

The new “Director’s View” mode provides the ability for users to preview the lenses and adjust between them to choose the best shots. Back and front cameras can also be filmed at the same time, and get the same vision and view of the “Vloggers”, in addition to changing the angle or zooming in without affecting On the quality of the image using “Live Thumbnails”.

New headphones

The new «Galaxy Buds Pro» headphones from Samsung provide the ability to recognize the surrounding sounds of the user, in addition to his voice at the same time, through the recording technology with multiple microphones.

And settings can be set «Galaxy S21» in professional video mode on a tripod, and the use of headphones instead of the microphone, so that the user can record speech, movement and sound in the background in high quality.

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, one-shot mode allows capturing a variety of still images and videos with one click, especially thanks to the improvements that have been witnessed, with new professional video settings such as “Highlight Video” and “Dynamic Slow-Mo”, which allows the user to focus on more shots. Attractive.

Professional Camera

The “Galaxy S21” and “Galaxy S21 +” professional triple-lens AI camera is designed to give the user greater creative control.

The camera technology works intuitively to evaluate and adjust the desired scene to capture images with great accuracy in all environments, and this technology works in portrait mode on an improved 3D analysis of the image, so that it separates the subject from the background.

And it provides lighting options for the virtual studio and adding effects on the background, using artificial intelligence to show the object to be photographed better, which applies to selfies as well.

Improvements have been made to the “Space Zoom” feature, to obtain clear and stable shots from long distances, in addition to the “Zoom Lock” feature, which reduces vibrations, and captures clearer images at close to 30x in “Galaxy S21” and “Galaxy S21 +”, thanks to Artificial intelligence technology that helps preserve image details, in addition to improving image processing power, which means bright pictures even in the dark.

Communication and performance

Samsung is keen to help its users to stay connected and maintain the confidentiality and security of their data. The Galaxy S21 devices provide exceptional next-generation performance to enhance the convenience of users, using the latest and most advanced chipset so far in the Galaxy series, to increase speed and efficiency of consumption. Energy and advanced computing capabilities to support 5G services and artificial intelligence on the phone.

Information security is an important and sensitive issue for “Samsung”, especially as users rely on smart phones more than ever, which made it place data security on its list of priorities.

The “Galaxy S21” was secured by the “Samsung Knox Vault”, a security platform for “Samsung” with system technology on the chip (SoC), which gives the phone a new layer of protection thanks to the addition of secure and tamper-resistant memory to the phone’s secure processor.

Samsung also introduces a new tool to protect and monitor privacy and remove all metadata for the site before sharing photos. Through the “Private Share” feature, it is also possible to control who can access the content the user sends, and how long it is available so that the user can share Content comfortably.

The “Galaxy S21” is designed to be suitable for use with other “Galaxy” devices. The “SmartThings Find” feature can also quickly and easily locate compatible “Galaxy” devices, even if they are not connected to the Internet, using the “Galaxy SmartTag” device to support the user in Locate devices with bluetooth.

Whether you left your device in another room, under your car seat or in a completely different city, the “SmartThings Find” application will direct you to the right path, and you can now locate the offline devices, using the new “Galaxy SmartTag” locator with Bluetooth technology from Samsung. ».

All you have to do is attach “SmartTag” to your keys, your bag, or even your pet’s collar, so you can use “SmartThings Find” to find what you are looking for.

7 colors

The “Galaxy S21” phone comes in four colors, which are phantom purple, phantom pink, phantom white and phantom gray, and it will be available with 128 GB internal memory and 8 GB random memory, while the color Phantom Gray will also be available with an internal memory of 256 GB.

The Galaxy S21 + phone will be available in three colors: Phantom Purple, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Black, which is available with 128 GB internal memory and 8 GB RAM, while Phantom Black will also be available with 256 GB internal memory.

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