“Gainsbourg, a whole life”, a documentary in the artist’s privacy

Among the rain of tributes devoted to Serge Gainsbourg, who died on March 2, 1991, the gripping documentary by Stéphane Benhamou and Sylvain Bergère, paints the most convincing portrait of “The man with the cabbage head”. The directors enter the intimate life of the artist, at the heart of his secrets and reveal all the artistic facets of a man of major talent.

Provocative, Gainsbourg? The story presents in counterpoint a man with great modesty who masked his deep feelings behind his bravado in public. It allows you to find the great smoker with his deep voice, deep melancholy, on edge.

Among the testimonies of relatives, that of his daughter Charlotte, who thirty after, finally feels ready to evoke the father she lost at 19 years old. The actress and singer paints an endearing portrait of an original and sensitive man.

To the rhythm of the great songs of Gainsbourg

Jane Birkin, always delicious, shares funny anecdotes, also reconsidering the modesty of her companion, declaring in all honesty and with the accent: ” I have never seen him standing naked “. Over the course of these moving testimonies from loved ones, the portrait of the creator of Flee happiness lest it run away, I love you neither, The puncher of Lilacs, La Javanaise …

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Punctuated by the great songs of Gainsbourg, the program keeps a sober narration in which we still feel the admiration of the directors for their subject. Unpublished archives, photographs illustrating the artist’s youth accompanied by his own comments in the interviews where he talks about his education “ hard “.

Family archives testify as closely as possible to the great moments in the life of the singer, composer, lyricist, man of the cinema, as the filming images of the film recall. Slogan on which he met Jane Birkin. An enlightened tribute that faithfully maintains our memories.


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