Funeral of Jean-Paul Belmondo: Alain Delon and all his friends say goodbye to him

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – The day after the national homage paid to the great actor, the mass of his burial was celebrated this morning in the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. French cinema has come together to pay him a last tribute.

The day after the national tribute paid to Jean-Paul Belmondo, his family and relatives, including Alain Delon with whom he starred in particular in Borsalino, gathered to say goodbye to him during a ceremony at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church in Paris.

Absent from the ceremonies on Thursday, the friend and the great rival of Belmondo, the last sacred monster of French cinema appeared on Friday smiling, crutch in hand, and was applauded by the crowd, shouting his first name.

Other personalities, including the director Claude Lelouch (also absent at the Invalides), the host Michel Drucker, the actors Pierre Richard also on crutch, Jean Dujardin, the actresses Béatrice Dalle, Véronique Jeannot, Bérénice Béjo, Thierry Frémaux, General delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, or Luis Fernandez, the former coach of PSG, entered the church before the ceremony scheduled for 11 am. Thomas Dutronc, son of singer-actor Jacques Dutronc, and finally Francis Huster who directed Belmondo in his last A man and his dog in 2008, were also present. We note despite everything the absence of Catherine Deneuve, who was her partner in The Mississippi Mermaid.

To the applause of the crowd, the hearse carrying the coffin arrived shortly after 10 am on the forecourt of the church, in the center of Paris. Several hundred people were gathered behind security barriers or seated on terraces in famous neighborhood cafes, such as Deux Magots. It was there that Jean Dujardin, admirer and friend of Bébel, drank a coffee while waiting for the start of the funeral.

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“Jean-Paul the fool”

He was magnificent, very nice, very handsome, we always saw him when we went to lunch at the Lipp brewery, his disappearance touches me“Says Cynthia Levine, 66, a Californian who regularly visits Paris with her husband Hugh. “For me, it was not Pierrot le fou, it was Jean-Paul le fou (…) it was French charm ”, testifies Gérald Schmite, creative director in communication of 56 years.

Figurehead of the New Wave (Breathless, Pierrot le fou), before becoming box office champion in blockbuster comedies and action films like the professional (1981) and Ace of aces (1982), the actor enchanted generations of French people over some 80 films.

France paid him a solemn tribute on Thursday, with a formal ceremony in the courtyard of the Invalides, then a long parade of the public come to greet one last time the sacred monster of cinema.
The Magnificent had disappeared from the big screen for nearly 15 years, after a stroke with serious consequences. But he had remained as popular as ever. “He never ceased to seek happiness but also to give it», Declared Thursday Victor Belmondo, one of his grandsons, actor too, during the national tribute to the Invalides.

“A worthy representative of French culture”

“We love Belmondo because he looked like us”, greeted President Macron in his eulogy. “Cop, thug, still beautiful”, he continued, in a nod to his filmography, before concluding: “Farewell Bébel.” In the courtyard of the Invalides, nearly 1,000 people from the public were able to attend the tribute, provided with their health pass.

For those who could not enter, giant screens had been installed on the esplanade where the crowd had gathered. “His death touched me because I feel like I’m losing a friend. He was simple, a bit of a boor ”, confided to Figaro Léon, 60, came to pay a last tribute to Bébel.

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The actor’s coffin then came out to the sound of “Chi mai», Music by Ennio Morricone in The professional, performed by the Republican Guard orchestra. The ceremony at the Invalides brought together many stars, such as Patrick Bruel, Gilles Lellouche, the couple Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard, the DJ Bob Sinclar or even Cyril Hanouna.

Then the time of the general public came. At nightfall, a long queue of more than a thousand people waited several hours to pay their last respects to the actor. At the exit, Geoffrey, a young lawyer wrapped in a suit jacket and a linen scarf, came with his mother. Both agreed on the universal side of Bébel: “I consider him to be a worthy representative of French culture. At once cheeky, whimsical and classy.

Funeral of Jean -Paul Belmondo in Saint-Germain des Prés

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