From Youtube to cinema, Jonathan Cohen leads his career all fire all Flame

2020 is the year of the Covid and it is that of Jonathan Cohen», Jokes Florent Bernard, co-writer of The flame, the new series presented with great fanfare by Canal + in which “JoCo” holds the top of the bill. Long confined to the characters of comic sidekick, the one that nothing predestined for an acting career now plays the leading roles.

It must be said that this hyperactive gifted improvisation has been everywhere in the audiovisual landscape in recent months. We saw him in the cinema as a stupid gendarmerie commander alongside Catherine Deneuve in Terrible Jungle, as a future dad alongside Marina Foïs in Huge, playing his own role in Simply black and with Gérard Darmon in season two of Family Business on Netflix. He is from today on Canal + in the series The flame.

Real recognition for this Parisian, who grew up in Pantin in Seine-Saint-Denis, with an atypical career. After failing his baccalaureate, he became a salesman, especially of windows. Then “my best friend Olivier Rosemberg once invited me to one of his acting classes. I followed him, I saw the thing and I went crazy, I quit my job and I threw myself headlong into the profession“, He tells AFP. He was admitted to the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in 2003 and three years later landed his first film role, in Lisa Azuelos’ film How beautiful you are.

In his fifteen-year career, he has acted in around thirty feature films, mainly comedies, and around ten series, including Hero Corp and especially Serge the myth, the short format that made it known to the general public, broadcast on Canal + and Youtube. Between cinema and television, “I have never privileged anything, what I privilege are the desires“, Estimates the actor, who assures not to have”career plan“.

“A winner is a loser who wears makeup”

There, there is a groove on this type of comedies that I want to dig», He explains speaking of The flame, “a type of humor much too rare among us“, Judge this jack-of-all-trades who also did dubbing, directing (The flame and FranceKbec) and the scenario. Inspired by American actors like Ben Stiller (who produces the American series from which is adapted The flame), Jim Carrey, Steve Carell or Will Ferrell, he would see himself one day “play in english, just for fun, the challenge“.

But his models are also found on this side of the Atlantic: “I love Jacques Villeret, because there is poetry, comedy, sadness, there is everything” and also “Jean Rochefort or the comedies of Yves Robert“. “There is a tradition of the fool in French comedy, the proud fool, the endearing fool, the happy fool … In the end, even if we are very inspired by Americans, we remain in the wake of this kind of comedy», He believes.

In his filmography, like Marc, the pilot of The flame who seeks great love among several competing candidates, we find many roles of “losers”, from the mythomaniac to the embarrassing friend. “Losers are people that I really like. They are those who experience things the most intensely, who have the tastiest internal conflicts to play with. Either way, a winner is a loser who wears makeupHe jokes.

In the team of The flame, Jonathan Cohen is unanimous: Doria Tillier praises “his generosity“, Camille Chamoux her”intensity that never weakens“, Vincent Dedienne believes that”his attention to others is spectacular“, Céline Sallette that he is”funny 99% of the time»And his co-author Jérémie Galan finds that«he’s a huge genius in improv“. “I am a fan, I am fascinated by so much humanity and generosity. He is someone who is naturally bright“Enthuses Adèle Exarchopoulos.

Among his many projects, a season 2 for The flame, a feature film Serge the Mytho (stopped by timetables “a little loaded“) And why not the one-man-show he”would love to test“.


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