From Christmas to Christmas to Christmas-Christmas

Definitely, nothing escapes our readers. In The cross dated December 24 and 25 (December 25 being, I remind the absent-minded, Christmas Day), one of them unearthed this title, which made him jump: “Christmas is missed”. For what obscure reasons could his favorite daily newspaper allow himself to declare that Christmas was about to fail? The Covid? But the Covid was not going to prevent Christmas from taking place! Then our reader read the article itself, published, which had escaped him, on the sports page. And he read this: “Clément Noël crashed and missed the last gate on the Italian track at Madona di Campiglio. “ We’re talking about skiing there. And boom, with a few thousandths of a second to go, Noel missed the door. And the victory.

Let’s recap: Christmas did indeed take place (to my knowledge, at least), even if Clément Noël must have had a very sad Christmas. And by the way, my correspondent wrote to me, from Christmas to Christmas, who remembers Christmas-Christmas? Me, dear sir. Noël-Noël, who had some success as a songwriter, also acted in a gaggle of films. He played in particular in The Nightingale Cage, which inspired Christophe Barratier to shoot The chorists (broadcast last night on television). He played the role of Clément Mathieu, taken over by Gérard Jugnot. A film inspired by Christmas-Christmas broadcast for Christmas: there are coincidences which fall well (and sorry for Clément Noël, badly fallen).


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