Frequent UV Warnings

Although ultraviolet rays represent only 5% of the sun’s rays, which reach the earth, but they are very strong, and while the ozone layer prevents short ultraviolet rays, the long and medium ones reach the earth, and have an effect on the skin, and in the case of continuous exposure to the sun. At peak times, it causes many skin diseases such as cancers.

Radiation hazards

The risks of ultraviolet rays increase in open workplaces, which are directly exposed to the sun, in addition to the long working hours or staying in the sun, and the peak time for these rays is between 11:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon, so it is necessary to take precautions and take Caution, from the sun’s rays during that period, even if the sky is cloudy, it does not prevent the arrival of ultraviolet rays, and the high mountain areas, in addition to the places where snow, water and sand are located, as they reflect the rays, are among the places that witness a rise in UV rays. Violet.

A person can take all his precautions against the dangers of those rays, and the good thing is that the weather applications available on various types of mobile phones contain a measure of the UV index.


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