Frédérique Bangué, sporting soul

” Mom, you won lots of medals, so i would like to win some too! ” When she heard her daughter Victoria innocently utter these words, in the spring of 2017, Frédérique Bangué was taken aback: “I had no idea what to say to him!” “, confides the one who is then convinced to be “A bad mother”. At the origin of a deep questioning, this episode is also the starting point of the adventure that she carries today at arm’s length: her magazine Salto, a free monthly magazine filled with educational, psychological and scientific advice that helps parents guide their children in their sport. Because this experience “Wonderfulfor some, disastrous for others ”, was for her “The school of life”.

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Born in Lyon but raised in Annecy, Frédérique Bangué was a free and curious child but not very sociable. “I think I can say that I was lucky not to experience discrimination, but I had a hard time making friends! “, confides this woman, become particularly smiling and talkative. The little girl builds her world between basketball courts, tennis courts and dance halls, “Where I was fulfilled, even if I was really not good!” “, she blurted out laughing. In the fall of 1991, dragged by a friend who abandoned her at the last moment, she accidentally landed on an athletics track. Frédérique Bangué is all alone, but the physique is good and the mind is ready: “ In a few weeks, I found myself at the departmental, then regional and, finally, national championships. “

“Respect, solidarity, discipline and perseverance”

Ten years later, the teenager has become an international athlete with multiple titles, selections and “Success”, a word she has only managed to pronounce for a few months. This period of a “Extreme requirement” has always been associated, however, with values ​​dear to its heart: “Respect, solidarity, discipline and perseverance”. Her early retirement at 25 does not prevent her, moreover, from giving herself a new goal: an excellent client at the microphone and in front of the journalists’ cameras, she also studied communication in a Parisian school and went on internships in the world of media, of which it is ” fallen in love “. By knocking on doors and increasing the number of calls, she will end up multi-hat – consultant, producer, host – within large groups like Canal + or M6.

After the birth of her daughter, she has to opt temporarily for food work “Exciting but impractical”. At almost 40 years old, in 2016, the former athlete who became a single mother “The feeling of having to start all over again”. She finally found the strength, with two partners, to carry out an ambitious project that brought together her passions and her skills. Recently greeted by the Minister of Sports, Salto magazine now running thanks to around forty people – journalists, graphic designers, photographers, volunteers or service providers – enough to give new meaning to his life but not yet win it.

For this, Frédérique Bangué gives courses in Paris and conferences all over France, especially in the Annecy region, “Where I am also an opposition municipal councilor! “, she explains between two toast of jam. Just cured of breast cancer, she adds up the radiotherapy sessions and slowly recovers: “I happened to be at the bottom of the hole, but I always knew I would get something positive out of it! And she has just found love again.

“When you believe in God, it’s easier! “

For her, courage has become an instinct for survival: “It must be said that it is quite natural when you work in very, very masculine environments”, she believes. It is also on the theme of “Courage of women” that she will speak, Friday, November 19, at the Interviews of Valpré, in Écully, near Lyon (1).

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“When you believe in God, it’s easier! “, adds the one who, as a teenager, used to go to places of worship and burn candles, “Especially during competitions”, she remembers fondly. She was baptized at the age of 30, following a catechumenate ” exciting “.

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“Je believe that part of me is in my hands and the other is not! “, explains Frédérique Bangué. She recently walked part of the Camino de Santiago and made a silent retreat at Tamié Abbey. Doctors who tended to define it as agitated ” now find her appeased. ” And like Salto is a project of the heart, it always goes like me! “


His inspirations – Nelson Mandela, Elon Musk, Jean-Jacques Goldman …

I have always admired the men and women who manage to unite around their project, despite the obstacles, in order to make things happen or create new ones, for society, for culture, for science… I naturally think of people like Nelson Mandela, who rose to the head of a country where apartheid reigned, but I can also be interested in paths like that of Elon Musk and his technological innovations which fascinated the world, or that of Jean-Jacques Goldman, whose compositions have always thrilled millions of people. When I undertake something, I try to draw inspiration and energy from this story, both past and present: in my eyes, it proves that humanity wants to survive and that gives faith in it! “


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