Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers return to screen as Jamie Bell and Margaret Qualley

The feature film Fred & ginger directed by Jonathan Entwistle will tell the love story of Hollywood stars. Expected release for 2021.

The 1930s were popular in Hollywood. After the biopic Mank, place to that on the duet of actors and dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. According to Deadline, the film Fred & ginger is in preparation, produced by Amazon Studios. From 1933 with the film Carioca to 1949 with Let’s get into the dance, the feature film will focus on the couple of stars, their motivations, their attractions for cinema, dance and the alchemy that animated them both. Their love story, both on and off screen, will be at the center of this story.

To bring them back to life, who other than Jamie Bell and Margaret Qualley? The two actors, who will lend their features to the duo of legends, were not chosen by chance. Jamie Bell had already shown his dancing skills in the film Billy Elliot in 2000. Margaret Qualley, actress and model, has proven to have mastered the discipline in the series Fosse / Verdon as well as in an advertisement for perfume signed by Spike Jonze.

Among their latest projects, Jamie Bell played Bernie Taupin in the biopic on Elton John Rocketman. He will also be in the next adaptation of Tom Clancy’s works with Michael B. Jordan, Without Remorse. For her part, Margaret Qualley illustrated herself in Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Once upon a time … in Hollywood, where she plays a disciple of Charles Manson. She is currently filming in the series Maid on Netflix, scheduled for 2021.

“Nothing can excite me more than directing this film! Fred & ginger will be magic», Explained the director Jonathan Entwistle on Twitter. Discovered with the Netflix series The End of the F *** ing World, he will also be in charge of the next reboot of Power rangers. By his side, screenwriter Arash Amel will bring all his biopic experience. The Welshman has already taken care of the films Grace of Monaco (2014) with Nicole Kidman and A Private War (2018), on war correspondent Marie Colvin, work for which he has been nominated twice at the Golden Globes. The release date of Fred & ginger is still not official but it should arrive on screens in 2021 according to Arash Amel on Twitter : “In 2021 we’re going to dance … and dance … and dance … until we’re all covered in stardust.It remains to be seen which screens exactly.


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