Francis Huster, Guillaume Gallienne, Michaël Youn … Their heartbreaking farewells to François Florent

A ceremony in tribute to the founder of the drama course was celebrated in the Saint-Roch church in Paris. Many former students came to salute his memory and, like Jacques Weber, who had written a tribute, to thank him for his precious teaching.

Francis Huster was there, of course, in Saint-Roch church in Paris, the parish of the acrobats, to say goodbye to the man he considers his master. From François Florent, the creator of the famous drama course who died on September 27, he repeated with his voice full of gravity, that he had been all his life a monument of humility, to which all the intelligence will have been dedicated to the transmission of his great passion for the theater and the greatest authors such as Molière, Corneille, Tchekhov, Wilde, Goldoni, Schmitt …

“In the theater, death does not exist”, liked to repeat to his disciples François Florent. This master of the art of gambling preferred life. So as not to betray what he wants to leave through his school to his future students. Francis Huster ended his tribute by reading The mirabeau Bridge by Guillaume Apollinaire, one of François Florent’s favorite poems: “… Vienna at night strikes the hour, the days go by I remain.”

When Francis Huster is there, Jacques Weber is never far away, at least in thought. Absent because he was rehearsing his show, the actor entrusted the reading of his tribute to Xavier Florent, the own son of the founder of the Course. And in this text, Weber underlined how important it was not to cheat in the game and that this antiphon was the common thread of the learning given by François Florent to his disciples.

Jean-Pierre Darroussin, entered Cours Florent in 1974. AFP

Many other actors, apprentices or already known, came to testify to “the attachment of the whole Florentine community” to the great theater teacher. Among the most famous strollers, and despite a mask that most often hid their face, we could recognize Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Guillaume Gallienne, Benjamin Lavernhe, Michaël Youn, Cristiana Reali, Yvan Attal, Éric Ruf, administrator of the Comédie- French … But all, whatever their notoriety, were unhappy because they had the feeling that they had lost an extraordinary mentor, a man who had known how to develop their talent.

Guillaume Gallienne, member of the Comédie-Française. AFP


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