France’s resources, our big survey

A year after the start of an unprecedented crisis, a year before the presidential election, a tired country is preparing to enter the campaign. In this context of weariness and anger, why devote three weeks to exploring France’s resources? This is neither the Coué method, much less provocation.

In the coming year, we will hear a lot more about the weaknesses the pandemic has exposed. You would have to be blind not to see them. But there would be as much blindness in following the slope of the sinistrosis.

As long as we put at a distance the anguish of decline and nostalgia for a bygone greatness, France today offers the enviable face of a country endowed with real assets. Our economy, our geography, the links that unite us through cultural, associative and political life: all these points of support help us today to hold out in the crisis. They will allow us to bounce back tomorrow.

By definition, this inventory is incomplete, it has its share of arbitrariness. We could have told you about our undisputed champions – our luxury industry, our wines, our aerospace companies. France is that, but it is much more. Identifying your strengths means quickly finding yourself spoiled for choice.

This is why La Croix associates its readers with this exercise, so that they complete the list, by answering this question: “On a global scale or near you, on what resources can France count on to go out?” of the crisis? “.


Great interview with Pascal Lamy

Interview : Pascal Lamy: “France, we look at it, we admire it most often”

By its geography and by its history, by its economy and its culture, France remains a power whose voice carries in the world, recalls the former Director General of the WTO.

► France, for ethical digital

Investigation : The French nuggets of “Tech for Good”

Lighting : The boom in business creation continues

► France, a brand image in the world

Investigation : In Germany, French products know how to sell

Lighting : French pastry conquered Japan

► France, champion of foreign investments

Investigation : France, welcoming land for foreign investors

Portrait: Mathilde Collin, the Frenchwoman who revolutionized e-mail in California

► The renewal of French industry

Investigation : Deindustrialisation is not inevitable

Portrait: Audrey Cattoz, production activist in France

Friday April 2

► Major interview with Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Indian historian at the Collège de France

Interview : France still has a place to hold in the world ”

Historian at the University of California at Los Angeles and professor at the Collège de France, the Indian researcher situates France in an environment larger than the limit of its borders or of Europe.


► Waterways, regional assets

Reportage : The precious network of inland waterways in France

Lighting : The successes of river tourism

Tuesday April 6

► France, agricultural power

Reportage : In the land of golden gold

Portrait: Océane, farmer from father to daughter

Wednesday April 7

► France, a maritime power

Analysis: Off Polynesia, abysses rich in metals

Lighting : The ports of the West Indies, a geostrategic positioning

Thursday April 8

► The lasting appeal of the French mountains

Reportage : In Abondance, mountain tourism on a human scale

Analysis: The peaks remain a safe bet

Friday April 9


► Praise of the French spirit

Monday April 12

► The strength of associations

Investigation : The French associative fabric, invisible energy

Lighting : In the North, the Church is developing solidarity third places

Tuesday April 13

► Major interview with Gérard Araud, former French Ambassador to Washington

Interview : For Gérard Araud, France’s influence depends on its ability to influence the European Union and to forge alliances to build coalitions.

Wednesday April 14

► The debate of ideas, a French passion

Cross-interview: Three politicians discuss the French passion for the debate of ideas, confrontation and verbal jousting.

Thursday April 15

► An always dynamic “cultural exception”

Investigation : The cultural exception at the service of cinema

Lighting : History of the French bookstore: an unexpected success

Friday April 16


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