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A mission to the Senate on postal voting

The Senate Law Commission on Wednesday 18 created a fact-finding mission to assess ” the feasibility “ postal voting, in particular in view of the regional and departmental elections of 2021, which the executive proposes to postpone from March to June due to the health crisis. She will have to “Determine to what extent the secrecy of the ballot and the sincerity of the ballot can be fully ensured” and will make its conclusions “Before the end of 2020”.



Ten proposals for health autonomy in France

Worried about the delay in the production of drugs, the drug federation (Leem) detailed ten proposals, Wednesday 18, to ensure our health autonomy. At the 1re European place between 1995 and 2008, France fell to 4e, behind Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Only 22% of reimbursed drugs and 27% of vaccines are manufactured in our territory. As the shortages increase, the federation suggests investing in industrial facilities, securing supplies and accelerating the production of biomedicines, such as monoclonal antibodies or vaccines.



Greenpeace appeal on power plant extension

The NGO Greenpeace announced on Wednesday 18 that it had filed an appeal with the Council of State against the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in order to obtain an environmental assessment of the extension of the life of French power plants. “The scope and costs of the work” to extend by ten years the operation of reactors reaching 40 years “Justify” such an assessment, “As recalled by the Court of Justice of the European Union for Belgium”, supports the NGO.


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