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A working group on prevention at school

The government launched on Wednesday 24 a working group to strengthen the detection at school of children victims of incest and sexual violence and to promote prevention. Composed of the administrations of the ministries of national education and child protection, experts and associations, this group will reflect on the training of teachers and the awareness of pupils. Its conclusions are expected at the end of June.




“Small sectarian groups” are identified, affecting 140,000 people including 90,000 minors, indicated Marlène Schiappa, in The Obs Wednesday February 24, presenting a report produced by police officers, gendarmes and the Interministerial Mission for vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations (Miviludes). In 2020, it received 3,000 reports, 700 of which were considered serious. About 40% concern health or welfare issues and 25% religious movements. About twenty legal proceedings have been launched against people who have benefited from the health crisis. The Minister is committed to ” to reinforce “ Miviludes, of which the magistrate Hanène Romdhane will take the lead.



Poacher sentenced to one year in prison

“A first in France”, according to the Bird Protection League: a poacher who hunted protected birds, in particular with glue, was sentenced to one year in prison, including three months suspended, in Toulon (Var). Glue hunting is suspended in France pending a decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union. In July, the European Commission called again on France to end “To illegal hunting and to reconsider its methods of catching birds”.


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