France, bazooka satire

CRITICAL – Bruno Dumont wants to make people laugh by denouncing the cynicism and vulgarity of TV journalism. And fails live.

The synopsis is already worth its weight in peanuts: “France is at the same time the portrait of a woman, journalist on television, of a country, ours, and of a system, that of the media.” Bruno Dumont is not lacking in ambition.

France de Meurs (Léa Seydoux) is the star presenter of a 24-hour news channel. We discover her asking a deceptively sassy question to Emmanuel Macron during a press conference at the Elysee (the montage creates a perfect illusion). Its producer, Lou (Blanche Gardin), hand-grafted laptop, eyes riveted on social networks, exults at the back of the room. “People love it, your dick will be hot.” The tone is set.

Dumont will toil for more than two hours mocking the cynicism and vulgarity of television. He first sent France de Meurs to the Sahel to film Tuaregs fighting alongside the French army. Staging of cutaways and selfie with the chef (“Whiskyyy”) prove that ridicule does not kill. Same denunciation in

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