Fortnite is banned on iPhone until summer 2021

The judiciary in the US state of California confirmed that the famous video game “Fortnite” will not return to the “iPhone” phones before the summer of 2021, unless the company, “Epic Games”, which developed it, withdraws its position in the battle against “Apple”.

Judge Yvon Gonzalez Rogers rejected the request of “Epic Games” to force “Apple” to re-make the game available for download on its online store, relying on the principle that “self-harm does not constitute irreparable harm.”


The company that developed “Fortnite” launched a battle against the giant group, rejecting especially its “authoritarian” practices through the App Store for devices operating with the “iOS” system used in its devices.

The battle between the two sides revolves around the 30% commission that Apple deducts from the revenues of companies that display their applications on the App Store.

The «Epic Games» recently tried to circumvent the built-in payment system «iOS» in the latest updates «Fortnite», but «Apple» hastened to withdraw the game widely spread from its online store.

Support the decision

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers had supported this measure by “Apple”, saying that “Fortnite” openly violated the terms of the contract with the giant group.

“Epic Games has never sufficiently reasoned its urgency, except through its displeasure with the situation,” Rogers said in a decision published Friday after the end of September session. The current dilemma resulted from their behavior.

The judge indicated that the current stalemate in the conflict between the two groups will continue until next summer at least, unless Epic Games agrees again to follow the contents of the essentially signed contract, which is a “logical” solution, according to Rogers.

The judge also pointed out that «the court has offered even to seize the 30% rate pending the end of the trial, but Epic Games rejected this idea.


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