Forsan Forum restores poetry to the pioneers of the word

The aesthetic spirit that inhabited the Farasan Islands dominated the tongues of poets, intellectuals and pioneers, at a time when the participants in the forum competed to delight the ears of culture and literature connoisseurs with poetry, and the distinguished attendance, in which 32 poets, intellectuals and writers participated.


The Fursan Poetry Forum brought the participants back 30 years, where the cheerful youthful spirit and the tyrannical vitality drew joy on their faces. With the poetics of men and intellectuals, the poets Mastoura Al-Urabi, Maha Al-Otaibi, and Nadia Al-Boushi entered the arena of culture and poetry strongly, and their poems competed with the participants, and won the admiration of the audience.

poetic knights

The Poetry Knights Forum concluded its activities within the 22nd winter of Jazan, in the presence of the Deputy Emirate of Jazan, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sager.

Poetry rhymes circled towards the aesthetics of Knights and its people, and the closing day included two poetry evenings. On the second evening, Ali Al-Amir, Ahmed Al-Tihani, Nadia Al-Boushi, Ali Al-Hazmi and Talal Al-Tuwairi, amid admiration and applause for their distinguished poems.

Confirm to continue

Poets and intellectuals agreed in the poetic farewell hadith that the month was not the most beautiful, but rather the spirit that inhabited the place prevailed, and added beauty and breezes, noting that the land, sea and man reflected this knightly beauty, praising the wonderful organization, the poems presented, and the distinguished presence, looking forward to continuing By holding the forum annually, which is the bright side of the activities of Winter Jazan 22.

popular tour

Yesterday afternoon, the poets and writers of the Kingdom toured the downtown neighborhood of the popular city of Jizan and were briefed on a number of arts and folk traditions.


(Knights) Oh water, my intuition that is true

Poetry of transcendence and a human being cling to you

From the blue of the sea in your eyes, you overwhelm me

The poems of the tender seagull and what they embraced

The sweet beach is a heart that gets wet

Listen to the clouds hijacked and enslaved

I wrote here my life and my song

I may return with longing and companionship

The poet Mastoura Al-Orabi


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