Foreign ownership in the stock market breaks the 300 billion barrier for the first time

The market value of the shares of foreign investors in the Saudi stock market recorded a new growth at the end of last week’s trading, exceeding the barrier of 300 billion riyals for the first time, while the ownership of Saudi individuals rose to 816 billion riyals. The value of foreign ownership within the shares listed on the main market “TASI”, according to the weekly report issued by the Tadawul Group, increased by 5.8 billion riyals from the previous week.

The market value of foreign investors’ shares reached 304.6 billion riyals, compared to 298.8 billion riyals during the week ending on September 30th. Foreign ownership constituted 2.96% of the total market value of shares.

The market value of shares listed in TASI reached 10.306 trillion riyals, compared to 10.071 trillion riyals at the end of the previous week. Similarly, the market value of shares owned by Saudi investors increased by 229.61 billion riyals to 9.951 trillion riyals, and the increase came from the ownership of Saudis; With the market value of institutional shares rising by 228.4 billion riyals to 9.134 trillion riyals.

The ownership of Saudi individuals increased by 1.2 billion riyals to 816.19 billion riyals. In contrast, the market value of shares owned by Gulf investors fell to 51.15 billion riyals.

It is known that the stock market has witnessed a series of regulatory and legislative reforms since 2015 to improve the environment that attracts investment and join international indices. It is expected that this year will witness the subscription of shares of at least 20 companies as part of the efforts of the Capital Market Authority to strengthen the investment base and provide the necessary liquidity for companies for expansion and growth.

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