Football: the French team concedes a draw against Portugal

For Portugal’s return to Saint-Denis four years after the loss of 2016, the Blues conceded a draw against the Selecçao of Cristiano Ronaldo (0-0), Sunday, October 11, in the League of Nations.

This time around, there was no Eder in the Portuguese ranks to tip the game on the wrong side as in the Euro 2016 final. There was also no overtime for the simply switch, or thousands of spectators to make it panting, restrictions require.

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There was, however, an impeccable Hugo Lloris to deflect a strike from Ronaldo at the last minute and prevent the Blues from another stinging defeat.

Next game of the Blues against Croatia

After 90 minutes of a more physical than technical fight where the European champions will have looked the world champions in the eye, it was therefore necessary to postpone the revenge for later. “The defenses have taken precedence over the attacks”, summarized the coach Didier Deschamps, evoking a match static “ and ” Locked “.

PSG prodigy Kylian Mbappé would have liked to blow this lock against his youth model Ronaldo, but he created too few opportunities, four days after his goal during the offensive festival against Ukraine in a friendly (7 -1).

The first place in the League of Nations group therefore remains in the possession of the Selecçao, ahead of the Blues on goal difference, before the French match Wednesday against Croatia in Zagreb.

Ronaldo muzzled

The return match in Lisbon, on November 14, will be even more crucial because it is already shaping up to be a group final; and also because the winner will take a clear ascendancy over the loser before the reunion that will follow behind, on June 23, 2021 at the end of Group F of the Euro.

Football: the French team concedes a draw against Portugal

One of the satisfactions for the France team will still remain to have been able to muzzle Ronaldo, who has therefore still not scored against the Blues. The superstar with 101 international goals, however, had 90 minutes this time to open his counter, against only 25 on July 10, 2016, on the evening of the Portuguese coronation he had to celebrate from the sidelines, injured.

There will still be a little disappointment on the side of Deschamps, who had rarely had such a complete workforce at his disposal since the World Cup, which was good, given the pedigree of the evening opponent and the deadline for the ‘Euro approaching.


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