Football: Madrid’s rebound by Eduardo Camavinga

A huge smile. For a few weeks now, it has illuminated the face of Eduardo Camavinga, at ease in his crampons and in his new life. It must be said that the young prodigy of French football could hardly hope for a more successful integration into Real Madrid, the Spanish club joined at the end of the transfer window by the ex-Rennais on August 31.

Since then, the story unfolds in fact an almost ideal scenario. A first on September 12, and barely six minutes after coming into play, a first goal to add to Real’s bill against Celta Vigo (5-2). On September 15, for the day of the start of the Champions League, he only played ten minutes but resolved the situation and delivered an assist for the victory in the snatch of the Spaniards on the lawn of Inter Milan. “He made a meteoric debut and must now succeed in being the holder”, applauds the Madrid sports daily Marca.

A staggering precocity

Eduardo Camavinga does everything for. On September 19, Real Madrid are led to Valencia. The Frenchman enters the scene, stabilizes and revitalizes the midfielder, helping to reverse the situation (1-2). Carlo Ancelotti, his trainer, rewards “The freshness of youth” by establishing him on September 22 against Mallorca. The “Merengue” win (6-1) and Marca greet again: “This kid has everything to be the transfer of the year”. Lady!

Eduardo Camavinga can all the more smile as this Madrid idyll was not played out in advance, at the end of a rather mixed year for the ex-Rennais. His arrival at Real, obviously a childhood dream, Eduardo initially applied to living it rather soberly. “In our family, we had struggles, he commented on September 26 at the microphone of Téléfoot. So we stayed on our toes. We hid our joy a little. “

Eduardo says “we” more often than “I”. It is true that the family is counting on him. His Congolese parents, who arrived in France when Eduardo, born in a refugee camp in Angola in 2002, was just over one year old, enrolled him in a club in Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine) in his seventh year. . He preferred judo, to do like his older brother. Nevertheless: with the ball in his foot, he very quickly stunned his educators, also enthusiastic by his enthusiasm, his permanent good humor. These are all things that caught the eye of an educator from Stade Rennais in 2012, during a tournament.

A few months later, Eduardo signed with the Breton club. Which is good. His house has just been destroyed in a fire, the family is going through difficult times. His father Celestino means that he is the hope of his family, his mother and his five siblings. So Eduardo hangs on, and very quickly offers himself a spectacular first sequence.

Star or shooting star?

In December 2018, the signing of a professional contract with Rennes. Three months later, his first match in the top flight at Angers. He shines at the end of the season and the start of the next one, and here he is at the start of the 2019 school year with the Blues of Didier Deschamps. A first in the national jersey on September 8, in place of N’Golo Kanté, made him the youngest blue at 17 years, 9 months and 29 days. On October 7, against Ukraine, he planted his first goal. “He has this ability to use the ball which means that, despite his age, he exudes a lot of serenity”, admires the coach.

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“He’s a very good kid”, dubbed Olivier Giroud. The trajectory is staggering. For his integration with the Blues, the boy had taken over as hazing the song of a rapper: “I fight so that our lives are better, that we improve, that we are gold bars”.

Except that the Covid, the interruption of the championship and the resumption behind closed doors seem to break the good momentum. Last season, Eduardo Camavinga crosses it without much damage. In December 2020, however, he placed his interests in the hands of the English agency Stellar, one of the three largest players in the market, specializing especially in young people with high potential.

His had died out a bit, however. To the point that he missed the train for the Blues for the Euro. A real disappointment. Finally mitigated by this almost unexpected transfer to Real for more than 30 million euros, and until 2027.

Arrived in Madrid with all his family in his luggage, he obviously found renewed motivation in the proposed challenge. With Karim Benzema to play the big brothers, he shines and his good humor seduces the locker room. His beginnings are exceptional. He knows that his return to the Blues for the 2022 World Cup depends on his consistency. He is ready to come out on top.


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