Food stores and restaurants cater to vegetarians

In conjunction with the increase in the number of vegetarians, who do not eat meat, poultry and fish in their diet, a number of supermarket accounts published a special invitation to them to launch food sections, and gluten-free vegetarian alternatives in special sections, in addition to holding a gathering of vegetarians for a month inside Some major supermarkets, in both Riyadh and Jeddah, to know their opinions and requirements about food and goods inside the store.

Remarkable response

The founder of the Vegetarian Friends Association, Amal Al-Hadi, said that she is happy that some stores interact with their special nutritional desires, by providing specialized sections, adding that many know the extent of the suffering of vegan people completely, in finding vegetarian alternatives such as spices, sweets and nutritional supplements without substance Gluten.

She pointed out that most of the association’s members have been forced to become vegetarians, because they have diseases that limit the consumption of meat, and they need help finding alternatives.

Special lists

In the same context, the team contacted a number of famous restaurants, with the aim of their participation in adding special menus for vegetarians, especially fast food restaurants, which contain most of their ingredients on meat, eggs and chicken, as Al-Hadi indicated that the team has new information and ways to create special meals For vegetarians, who will want to go to fast food restaurants, and eat burgers and other meals in a way that suits them.

Vegetarian gatherings

Maha Al-Hwimli, founder of the Friends of the Earth Vegetarian Team, explained that they are present every month in the supermarkets agreed with in advance, in order to answer all questions about vegetarianism, and correct misconceptions about the danger of not eating meat for life, as many people – as she said – changed Consider replacing the protein found in meat with natural alternatives that are equal to the nutritional value found in poultry and meat in all its forms. She added that the aim of the gathering is also to publish leaflets containing a lot of information about food alternatives within those stores, which have designated special sections for plant products.

People who eat eggs as the only animal protein


Eat dairy products in their diet


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