Food and Drug Administration uses the Public Prosecution office to curb celebrity violations

The Food and Drug Authority has warned all companies and institutions not to advertise or advertise any product or product, or a study that was announced in the media, or celebrities’ social media accounts, urging resort to the Public Prosecution to punish all violators.

Apply penalties

Al-Watan learned that the Food and Drug Administration confirmed that in the event that violations are detected in these advertisements, it will take legal measures against the violators, as stipulated in the regulations, which may require submission to the Public Prosecution Office to apply appropriate penalties.

Fifth Article

The sources said, that this decision comes based on Article 5 of the Food and Drug Authority system issued by Royal Decree No. M / 6, and what was mentioned in Article 5 of the regulatory tasks, for the authority to set controls and procedures that regulate the inspections of food and drug products, And raw materials that enter their industries, medical devices, and everything related to the authority’s field of work, advertising, importing and exporting these products, registering medicines, and monitoring and inspection work on markets and shops, and warehouses for these products, in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Indirect ads

The sources added that the authority stresses that the authority must obtain the approval of the authority for any advertisement or advertisement about a product, product, study, etc., through the media or through social media celebrities, whether directly or indirectly, in accordance with the authority’s regulations and implementing regulations, requirements and evidence. The relevant guideline published on the Authority’s website.

Electronic violations

It is noteworthy that the authority obligated a website to remove 242 violating and misleading advertisements bearing nutritional or medical allegations, and marketing medical products and devices without a permit, and these ads were monitored during last August, and included 148 violations of the executive regulations of the food system, and 94 violations of the medical devices and products control regulation. And the regulations for the system of establishments and pharmaceutical preparations.

The type of irregularities

The violating advertisements monitored by the authority varied between nutritional and health claims, and the validity of foodstuffs for use in prevention and mitigation, or treatment of disease or disorder, in violation of the technical regulations and circulars issued by the authority, the circulation of pharmaceutical and herbal preparations before their registration with the «Authority», sale and marketing Medical devices and products without a permit, and advertising for the sale of unregistered and anonymous pharmaceutical products.

Hardware oversight

Article 39 of the “Medical Devices and Products Control Regulation” stipulates that the approval of the “Authority” must be obtained for the wording of the promotional or advertising material, and that promotional and advertising materials, and publications intended for persons concerned with the use of medical devices and products, must contain information compatible with their needs, and that people have Those involved in the marketing of medical devices and products have sufficient information on them, to ensure that correct information is provided for their marketing

Violating ads

Nutrition and health claims

Selling and marketing medical devices and products without a permit

Trading in pharmaceutical and herbal preparations before registering them with the authority

Announcing the sale of unregistered and anonymous pharmaceutical preparations

The validity of foodstuffs for use in the prevention, mitigation, or treatment of a disease or disorder

Last August, the authority removed 242 violating online advertisements

A fine of up to 5 million riyals for anyone who advertises a cosmetic product that is not listed or violating


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