Folk poetry is present at Jazan occasions

Folk poetry dominates public events and events in Jazan, and forms a wide audience base. A number of popular poets and vocalists in Jazan and Asir revived a poetic and artistic evening in Al-Darb Governorate, which included the poet Muhammad Atef Al-Nabush, Tariq Faqihi, the poet Abdullah Faqiri, the vocalist Ahmed Al-Nashiri and other poets.

advanced system

The poet Muhammad Atif al-Nabush says, “Thousands of poets in the Jazan region rose from the southern border to the northern border with poetry, literature, art and other fields as a system and one group complementing each other, and poetry in Jazan is like air and water. On the development of the popular system in general in all components, as it gave wide areas for the dissemination of popular culture in the region through many means and activities.

Atif pointed out that whoever says that popular poetry is oppressed, I do not think so after all this momentum and this continuous roar, for the popular has now become the loud voice, but we do not like it to be superior to the eloquent because it is the basis and the mother tongue.

poet of suffering

The poet Abdullah Faqiri stressed that eloquent poetry is the basis, but recently it has begun to take a small part of the public’s tastes because poets of popular poetry are in control of the scene, especially in the Jazan region. He said that he returns to the poem’s clip “What did you get” on social media, and with it, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh communicated with him and his position, which he will not forget, and from here it was the reason for the launch.

He pointed out that no poet is free of suffering there, psychological or imaginary, and even imaginary poetry that has no basis in the poet’s reality is also not free of suffering, and the reincarnation of the personality is a tiring and stressful matter. When he talks about sadness or separation, his eyes must shed tears so that he enters the depth of sadness and begins writing.

special character

The vocalist, Ahmed Al-Nashiri, one of the vocalists of the Asir region, confirmed that the art of popular singing has an audience and lovers who have tasted it with a special character, whether marriages and events, noting that he was honored to be with poets and popular singers from Jazan, led by the Dean of popular poets, Muhammad Atif Al-Nabush, on the evening of Al-Dalah, and then the public artist was launched Al-Nashiri unleashed his voice and ignited the enthusiasm of the evening’s attendance, and sang in the Al-Darb Governorate, a place and a person.


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