Flamenco at the crossroads of worlds with Jann Gallois and David Coria

The first draws its source from the distant history of Andalusia, the second arose at the end of the 1970s in the shadow of the buildings of the Bronx. From their antipodes, beyond their respective codes and aesthetics, flamenco and hip-hop nevertheless feed the same cry, the easily recognizable momentum of urgency and passion. There is therefore no surprise in seeing sparks fly from the meeting between Jann Gallois and David Coria, orchestrated by Didier Deschamps, director of Chaillot until 2021.

“Our choreographic languages ​​are radically different but basically we seek the same thing in dance: to explore emotions and talk about the human”explains Jann Gallois who, for several years now, has been combining his hip-hop roots in a polymorphous contemporary mode. “It doesn’t matter the form of the movement”adds David Coria, also accustomed to rubbing his art with other languages. “We come together on a deep intention and of course there is this physical energy common to hip-hop and flamenco. » The two choreographers have built Imperfecto mainly through improvisation. “We talked a lot but, because we are fundamentally dancers, it is through the body, more than through words, that we got to know each other”they say.

A common rhythm

Creation in “ merger », their duet does not however erase the identity of each, offering for example a few moments of “pure flamenco”, “we do not forget the intimate territories of our dances”, says David Coria. The music, interpreted on stage by three artists, is also at the confluence of styles with the flamenco singing of David Lagos, the piano of Alejandro Rojas and the percussions of Daniel Suarez. “Working on the rhythm is fundamentalsays Jann Gallois. It really is the common denominator between flamenco and hip-hop. » A pulse that will fully vibrate the subject ofImperfecto. “The piece is about love, its beauty, complexity and imperfectionsthey summarize. Love, like human beings, is imperfect… And at the same time, is there no truer image of perfection than the purity of a love? »


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