Five things to know about Anya Taylor-Joy, Lady’s Play heroine and rising Hollywood star

PORTRAIT – Since the triumph of the Netflix series, the actress of three nationalities has been one of the rising figures of cinema. But you still don’t know everything about the life of the 24-year-old actress.

Dubbed by the public as queen of chess in The Lady’s Game, the most watched series on Netflix in 2020, Anya Taylor-Joy is now a new Hollywood sensation. Announced to the casting of the next Edgar Wright, Last Night in Soho , of The Northman – alongside Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe – and the next one Mad Max, Furiosa, the 24-year-old actress is now top of the bill. But his career took a few twists and turns, from modeling to the horror genre before winning the hearts of the general public in chess prodigy.

She spent two years in London without wanting to speak English

A true globetrotter, the actress was born in Miami in 1996, before moving to Argentina, where she spent the beginning of her childhood “in nature and dust“. When she reaches the age of six, her parents decide to move to a more politically stable place and finally put their bags in London. Confused by this change of scenery and by the British way of life, little Anya Joy-Taylor refuses to speak English, convinced that her stubbornness will push her parents to return to live in Buenos Aires. “I was stubborn, I wanted to go home, I didn’t understand anything about London”, she explained to Marie Claire in 2017. At 8, she finally gave up her plan and learned the language of Shakespeare through the literary saga Harry potter.

She was bullied at school

Different from her little comrades because of her origins, Anya Taylor-Joy is very early on confronted with the cruelty of school. “I was too English to be Argentinian, too Argentinian to be American, too American to be anything», Recently told the actress to Sun. “The other children did not understand me in any form. I was locked in boxes“, She added, admitting that she spent days at”cry in the toilet“. A feeling of exclusion that she found several years later in the guise of the heroine of Lady’s game. “I felt like I could really understand this feeling of loneliness, desperately trying to make sense of a world that didn’t come naturally to Beth and this addiction to chess.

She became a model walking her dog

It is the dream of thousands of teenagers in search of self-esteem: to walk in the street and to be stopped by the scout of a modeling agency. For Anya Taylor-Joy, this boost of fate has come true. As she was walking her dog near Harrods stores in London, a car started following her, a very unpleasant experience according to the person concerned. Panicked, she starts running, perched on high heels that she was trying on for a party. When the car finally stops on the side, she discovers the silhouette of Sarah Doukas, founder of the Storm Management agency, to whom we owe the careers of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. A week later, the 17-year-old young woman, complexed by her physique, signs a contract and begins a brief career in modeling, during which she will meet the cast of the series. Downton abbey during a shoot. For her, it was the click, she abandoned the camera lens for that of the camera.

She was edited for her first film

A determined young actress, she began her career on film sets in 2014 in teenage comedy Vampire Academy. But his performance is finally cut during the editing. Evil for good, since the film never found its audience. She then participates in the casting of Maleficent, Disney blockbuster starring Angelina Jolie in the title role. She tries her luck to play the witch in her youth, but the producers ultimately prefer her competitor Ella Purnell. “When I wasn’t taken I broke down in tears», She confided to Vulture in 2018. But a witch can hide another, and the young actress will finally make her real film debut in The Witch the following year, before playing Casey Cooke in Split and Glass by M. Night Shyamalan.

She had never played chess before The Lady’s Game

Praised by fans for their realistic side, the game scenes in the Netflix series were overseen by famed trainer Bruce Pandolfini and discipline legend Garry Kasparov. Two prime consultants to help Anya Taylor-Joy, who confessed to never practicing chess before landing the role. “I had never played a single match before, she said in a recent interview with the Guardian , adding that she was “delighted d‘having been initiated into the discipline by’such phenomenal teachers“With a”such love for the game. It was important for me to understand the theory. I couldn’t come out in full conscience and not know what I was talking about. But the reality of the game caught up with me, I couldn’t remember these sequences without going crazy. I was learning the matches five minutes before, I saw it as a choreography of the fingers“, Also explained the one who plays Beth Harmon to Entertainment Weekly .


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