Fisherman’s Friends by Chris Foggin, a refreshing English comedy

CRITICAL – A trendy Londoner takes it into his head to produce a record of sea songs. A boy band made up of fishermen is then propelled to the head of sales.

In The Full Monty, unemployed Sheffield improvised strippers. Distant disciple, Fisherman’s Friends features Cornish gouailleurs fishermen whom the songs of ancestral sailors will propel to the top of record sales. Improbable, this feat, which looks like the beginning of a good joke, is nevertheless taken from a true story that the writers transform into a charming comedy of manners. A bit romantic, as only the English know how to do.

Trendy and disillusioned London producer Danny (Daniel Mays) travels to the small village of Port Isaac in Cornwall for the bachelor party of a colleague from his label. After a boozy evening, he is challenged by his comrades to sign the group of local fishermen who give a cappella concerts on the pier. Danny does not understand that this is a hoax and goes to recruit the harsh Jim (James Purefoy seen in the series Rome) and his seafarers. But their esteem is difficult to earn.

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