«Finfirst»: Loan your car in 10 minutes

The application of “FinFirst” revealed a set of features that allow users to search for loans from anywhere, anytime, and directly communicate with the best financial institutions to submit loan applications.

The loan application feature is one of the many features and services provided by the “FinFirst” integrated financial application.

Dana Al Jassim

The application, which is currently available on the Google Play store, works to make a fundamental change in the sector by eliminating the physical paperwork and routine procedures.

Afrah Al-Hubail, Chief Operating Officer at Kuwait Capital FinFirst, said that the application of FinFirst helps speed up various traditional application processes, and that users can compare the best loan offers offered by different banks through the instant search and match feature, and apply for Loan in less than 10 minutes for most transactions.

She added that the application allows the completion of the application processes, conformity, acceptance and approval of documents with approximately 20 clicks.

The free digital features of the FinFirst application offer exceptional benefits to those wishing to obtain business, personal and real estate loans and travel insurance, through an extremely simple and fast process.

“Capital FinFirst” expects a sharp rise in the demand for digital financial services, in parallel with the increasing number of digital solutions users during the lockdown period resulting from the “Covid-19” pandemic.

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