Fine artist found a heritage museum

The plastic artist, Muhammad Suwaid Al-Jadiba, began with art and crafts from the house, who used to watch his mother decorate the walls with her popular colors, and his grandfather making chairs and benches and pulling them with ropes, to open a museum documenting the heritage and art of his region of Jizan.

Documenting art and motifs

The plastic artist said, “In my work, I focus on documenting the aesthetics of the Jazan region in the decorative and architectural art and sculpture, and crafts documenting the artistic and architectural works in the region in its many ways. The buildings are made of mud, stone and ceramic tiles. It is distributed on the entire facade of the building, as well as the buildings are decorated from the inside, and the interior wall is distributed to a group of openings and shelves, in which the family’s possessions and clothes are displayed, and from the beautiful buildings that I drew before their extinction, the Abu Sharha house in Abu Arish and the dwellings of Idrisi in Sabya.

Rock and wood carving

Al-Jadiba added, “Among the artworks that were practiced in Jizan, stone carving and the work of tombstones, and in two exhibitions of tombstones from the year 710 AH, showing the beauty of calligraphy and plant decoration, the beauty of design in terms of distribution of elements and accuracy of sculpture, as well as works of art talking about the accuracy of sculpture On wood, by making home windows and carving chairs and newspapers. The ancient crafts museum documents the carving of pots on the rocks, such as Al-Maghash and Al-Sarraj, and the methods of extracting the rock suitable for carving and vessels made of clay.

The most prominent paintings

Al-Jedaiba, one of the most important paintings in the exhibition, said a painting from the British Museum of Jizan in 1831, drawn by the English artist Rupert Kirk, which was painted in 2000, and it depicts the city of Jizan 169 years ago. The city is shown which is a group of nests, a mud building and a castle over the mountain, and a group of wooden ships moored in the port of Jazan, and small fishing boats.


Al-Jadiba confirmed that his local participation in Janadriyah amounted to 21 in its art exhibitions. He also participated in the exhibition of the Culture and Arts Society, which was dried up and with musk, as well as at the level of the Arab world in Sharjah, Dubai and the Sultanate of Oman, and he achieved second in the Kingdom in the competition for Islamic sculpture and architecture And he established a private gallery and museum to preserve Jizan’s heritage.


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