«Finance» launches an electronic portal for individual services

The Ministry of Finance announced the launch of an online portal for individual services, and registration in it is done through unified access. Users can benefit from the various services provided by the portal through smart phone applications «Apple and Android».

The online portal provides many services, including inquiries about employees’ cars and annual returns, requests for exemption from loans, damages and aid, transactions submitted to the ministry, payment orders and other services that only require registration through the unified access by registering the beneficiary’s data, e-mail and phone number. And enter an activation code, so that a personal page appears in the name of each user, his personal file, services, technical support, requests cases and inquiries about transactions, for example inquiring about employees’ cars that are inquired about by the chassis number, the name of the beneficiary and the type of car.

Majid Al-Abdulkarim, Director General of the Information Technology Department, said: The Ministry seeks to develop its plan for digital transformation by offering an integrated program of applications, solutions and infrastructure, which will contribute to the application of an integrated digital system, leading to full automation of all services and transactions.

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