Filming of next Bill Murray film suspended after complaint

Starring in Aziz Ansari’s first feature film, Being Mortalthe American actor would have had a “inappropriate behavior”of an as yet undetermined nature.

Is this the blunder too much? The shooting of Aziz Ansari’s first film, the dramatic comedy Being Mortal, had to be interrupted on Wednesday by the Searchlight Pictures studio, the American specialized press learned on Thursday. For which motive ? Due to the “inappropriate behavior” of its main actor, the American comedian Bill Murray.

A lawsuit was reportedly filed against the actor last week, says a letter the studio sent to the film crew on Wednesday. “After considering the circumstances (of the complaint)decision has been made to halt production for the time being”states the document, consulted, since, by the New York Times. The undetermined accident relating to the “inappropriate behavior” by Bill Murray would have taken place on Friday April 15, specified, in off, a person close to the shooting. Neither Searchlight Pictures nor Disney – its parent company since the acquisition of 20th Century Fox – wished to comment on the case.

A film planned for 2023

Known for his roles in movies Ghostbusters , an endless day or Lost in Translation and Broken Flowers , Bill Murray is appreciated, on the screen, for his impassive presence and his cantankerous humor. Behind the cameras, on the other hand, the actor would, at least occasionally, be more carried away. The filming of Charlie and his Charlie’s Angels, released in 2000, would thus have been notoriously complicated. “While we were shooting a scene, Bill started shouting insults; I’m not going to detail them, but it lasted quite a whileactress Lucy Liu testified in 2021. Some of the comments he made were inexcusable and unacceptable”. The director of the film, Joseph McGinty Nichol, had also confided to having received, at the time, a headbutt from the actor. A memory challenged, since, by Bill Murray.

Other personalities have also commented on the actor’s bloodshed. The comedian Richard Dreyfuss, who shared with Bill Murray the poster of What’s up, Bob?in 1991, called him in 2019 a“brutal drunkard”. The filming ofan endless day had also been marked by great friction between the actor and his director Harold Ramis. Actor and filmmaker Dan Aykroyd was also aware of Bill Murray’s outbursts, to the point where he allegedly nicknamed him “the Murricane” (referring to the English word “hurricane”i.e. “hurricane”).

First feature film directed by actor Aziz Ansari, Being Mortal adapts a trial published in 2014 by the American doctor Atul Gawande, We are all mortal: what really matters at the end of life (Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the Endin English) – a bestseller in the United States. Featuring Bill Murray, 71, in the lead role, surrounded by Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogen and Keke Palmer, the film is expected for next year. Filming began on March 28. According to the American media Deadline production was about halfway through when it was discontinued.


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