Female recoverers warn of mixtures

An elite group of oncology consultants and a group of breast cancer survivors cautioned against submitting to rumors of treatment with mixtures and herbal products promoted by unknown people via the Internet and social media. They also criticized these doctors for allowing the massive dissemination of nutritional supplements and various types of herbs that falsely claim to help treat cancer.

This came during the medical symposium that was held within the activities of the virtual campaign for the International Month of Breast Cancer Awareness, organized by the Saudi Oncology Society under the slogan (You are stronger), and the speakers of the symposium demanded to obtain information from its correct sources, stressing that each disease needs a specific treatment system that differs From the other case.

The President of the Saudi Oncology Society, Dr. Mutab Al-Fahidi, a consultant of breast oncology, stressed the importance of seeking correct treatment by visiting specialized hospitals that have different diagnostic and treatment methods that are widely available in the Kingdom. He also stressed the importance of following the instructions of a specialist doctor who has a complete record of the patient’s condition and appropriate treatment methods, indicating that many of the treatments that are promoted may conflict with appropriate medicines for the patient.


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