Fee exemption for filmmakers stimulates the Saudi product

The Acting Minister of Information, Majid Al-Qasabi, revealed the support of the Board of Directors of the Audiovisual Media Authority by exempting local films from any financial compensation for the Authority for tickets in various galleries in the regions of the Kingdom, in order to support local film producers, artists and content makers. He stated this via his official Twitter account.

Local competition

Art critic Abdulrahman Al-Nasser explained that the Ministry of Culture supports local Saudi producers, who always devote their efforts to providing local film production, and with direct support to cancel fees and provide artistic work, indicating that it is originally a heavy burden on the producer, who works to present a Saudi film to be shown in cinemas. He continued: This local production must be supported, in order to compete internally with the foreign imported product.

Cancellation of fees

He added that there are those who expect that this support is the cancellation of tickets, and there is no doubt that the fees that are deducted for cinemas and agencies will be canceled, but the tickets will remain in place and are the best support for the local product.

Turnout and compete

Tariq Melfi, founder and CEO of Five Colors, which contributes to the content industry, confirmed that 20% of its revenue is taken from the former Saudi film, just as Hollywood films, and that is a great injustice as the Saudi film is compared to Hollywood and international films, and here there is no advantage that supports the film industry. However, this initiative means that Saudi companies will focus on producing local films that suit the community, and there will be turnout and competition.

And how he said: For example, if the movie achieved 100,000 tickets, it would earn an additional 2 million riyals for the producing company, and it was previously a fee for money, and this would greatly support the private sector, especially local companies.

Early stage

Malek Najar commented in his tweet: “Thank you, Mr. Minister! A simple suggestion is that the amount becomes a refund instead of canceling it, meaning that it turns as a reward from the authority to the filmmakers for the success of its sales in theaters, and this ensures that the theater operators do not take advantage of the support instead of filmmakers, an improvement that only costs some administrative decisions.

Malik said that the idea is very excellent, and the initiative has great support for the sector, and added: The decision will be very useful in the event that they make the amount refundable from the authority instead of canceling it at the box office, explaining that the refunded amount at the box office will support the center for companies that initiated and produced Successful films at the box office.

“As a Saudi filmmaker, I am very proud that the relevant authorities responded quickly,” he said.

He added, “We do not want people to go to Saudi films because they are” cheaper “, but we need to watch films because they are better, and such a strategy creates sufficient pressure and stimulation for the Saudi producer, so that he tricks his tricks and competes with international production, and does not count on the cheapness of his” ticket. “

Support movies

He pointed out that this decision will make the difference in the local industry, and encourage strong entry into it and will support Saudi filmmakers in particular. One of the tweeters, who asked on Twitter: “I mean, bring a Saudi movie for free ?? .. And your words do not mean that if the film that belongs to the company producing it, you want to download its film to Saudi cinemas, what you pay for money to display it in all theaters ??”.

He said, “The price of the Saudi film may be 20% lower, but it is not free or the same price, but it is subsidized. The Saudi film is supported for more local production and in support of it.”


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