Federation of Chambers: Studying reducing ranges in the bakery sector

Chambers of commerce in various regions and governorates began studying the suffering of investors in the bakery sector with the developer ranges program after it was included in the commodity and fuel activity, and high rates of settlement were applied to reach the medium green and high green range so that establishments can benefit from the services provided by the Ministry of Human Resources And social development represented in issuing visas, transferring employee services, modifying professions and others.

Investors complained about the suspension of some services now, which threatens losses and the exit of some of them from the market.

The Federation of Chambers hastened to address the Chambers of Commerce to provide them with the challenges facing this sector to start raising the relevant authorities to take the necessary and return the bakery sector to the ratios of the previous ranges. Bakery in various regions, and the private sector includes more than 600,000 establishments that seek to stay in the green zone so that they can benefit from basic services and recruit workers from abroad if the target localization percentage is met.


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