February was the most concerned with 281 mental patients

February was the month with the most care, attention and communication with mental patients in Jazan, with a total of 812 health care visits, including 410 actual visits, 222 phone calls, and 180 visual contacts. January is the least visited month, with a total of 634 visits in the home health care department.

total patients

The total number of patients registered with the home medicine service at Erada Mental Health Hospital in Jazan reached 281 patients, including 184 males and 97 females. In the governorates and centers of Jazan, noting that the number of medical teams is 4, and they provide 5 medical and health services.

5 services

Jazan Health confirmed that the services provided are: providing medical care, providing nursing care, delivering medicines to the patient, delivering medical supplies, and awareness-raising and health education work, noting that the places of visits included “Al Twal, Samtah, Abu Arish, Sabya, Al Darb, and Ahad Al Masarha, and Jazan, and Jazan Valley,” adding that the medical visits aim to assess the health status of patients and their families in their homes, assess the status of admission and care for patients after discharge from the hospital, achieve the highest levels of health awareness for them, and ensure an ideal health environment for patients.


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