Features that increase productivity in Chrome 90

Google has started rolling out a feature for Chrome Browser 90, which allows you to create a link that takes people directly to the portion of the page you specified.

The tech giant originally launched this capability last year as a browser extension called Link to Text Fragment, and now that it’s officially part of the browser itself, you won’t have to install anything extra to use it anymore.

And if you want, for example, to direct people to the part of the Wikipedia page about penguins that talks about not being afraid of humans, then all you have to do is select that clip, right-click and then choose Copy link to highlight.

You can then send this URL, which ends with a # sign, to anyone you want, and when the page loads, they are taken to that part of the text instead of the top of the Wikipedia article.

This feature can be very useful for students and colleagues who work together, or even for anyone who likes to share random things with friends.

Features to come

The feature started making its way to the Chrome browser version for desktop computers and Android devices, and for iOS users, Google: The Copy link to highlight feature is coming soon to the platform.

Google also launched a new PDF viewer for the browser, which offers a two-page view and a new toolbar that lets you zoom in and out, move to the page, save and print with one click.

The company developed tab search features and tab groups to help users, and the many open tabs can now be renamed with descriptive text that you can see when you press Alt + Tab.


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