Fastly announces fixing a bug that caused websites to crash around the world

Fastly, a cloud computing services company, announced that it has fixed the bug that caused a number of websites to crash around the world today, Tuesday. The company said, in an update, that “the issue has been identified and fixed.” She added that customers may face an increased burden of loading with the return of services around the world.

Among the websites that were down today were the British government website, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, The Guardian, New York Times, Financial Times and Le Monde.

Fastly operates a content delivery network that quickly pushes data over the Internet so companies can help users shop online or watch videos on apps and websites.

It does not appear that all of the company’s customers have been affected, and the service quickly began to return to some sites that were down.

Fastly, based in San Francisco, is one of the world’s leading web and app hosting providers, used by major organizations to ensure serving millions of users simultaneously. Instead of putting all website content on one set of servers in one place, Fastly puts the cloud infrastructure in dozens of locations to allow users to download from the server closest to them.


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