Fast and Loose: Will Smith signs for David Leitch-directed thriller

The actor will play an amnesiac crime baron under the direction of the director of Deadpool 2. The blockbuster is already of great interest to Hollywood studios, who are fighting checkbook in hand to win the cup.

The stakes are rising in Hollywood. Will Smith and the former stuntman turned director David Leitch – to whom we owe in particular Deadpool 2 – are associated on a new project which is likely to cause a lot of noise. Fast & Loose, a new scenario mixing action and thriller, is of great interest to the big Hollywood teams, who fight checkbook in hand to win the cup. According to Deadline Warner Bros, MGM, Paramount, Sony and streaming platforms (Amazon, Netflix …) are already in the running.

Announced in the main role, Will Smith is expected to play John Riley, a man left for dead and lost to amnesia after a shooting in Tijuana. Thanks to clues gleaned over the course of the adventure, he will discover a double identity: renowned leader of a dangerous criminal group and undercover agent of the CIA. A rich leader with a sumptuous lifestyle on the one hand, a just civil servant with a lonely and gloomy existence on the other, he will have to find who he really is and choose his side.

However, the ambitious project should not get underway right away. Will Smith is currently working with Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) sure Emancipation, the story of a frenzied chase between a slave and bounty hunters during the Civil War. David Leitch joined Brad Pitt on Bullet train, the adaptation of the novel Maria beetle on the adventures of five contract killers gathered in a high speed train. A feature film produced in particular by Antoine Fuqua.


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