Fast and Furious 9 picks up speed at the North American box office

The new motorized adventures of Vin Diesel and his gang are off to a flying start across the Atlantic with numbers unmatched since the start of the pandemic. To be discovered in France on July 14.

This is called starting at full speed. Ode to big cars, the film Fast and Furious 9 got off to a flying start to top the box office in North America this weekend. The big sedan film also had the best theatrical start in more than a year, outperforming nearly twice the performance achieved by Without a sound 2, when it was released in May. Tenth installment of the saga Fast and Furious, the feature film in which spectacular chases are linked, once again brings together the actors Vin Diesel, who is a fan of speed and sports cars, and Michelle Rodriguez, his wife on the screen, also fond of fast races.

For its first weekend of operation, the action film grossed $ 70 million in theaters in the United States and Canada from Friday to Sunday, according to provisional figures from the specialist firm Exhibitor Relations. The biggest startup in theaters since the start of the pandemic in the United States according to specialized media Deadline and Variety. “What is really extra is quite simply the idea that people come back to enjoy the venues. It feels good to say: “The cinema is back!”, Vin Diesel told Saturday Variety . It’s a perfect film to help us get going “. Fast and Furious 9 thus far surpasses Without a sound 2 , directed by John Krasinski. The horror film nevertheless continues its good course with $ 6.2 million in revenue, bringing its total to more than 136 million in five weeks on the bill.

Another sequel and only big release in mid-June in North America, the comedy Hitman and Bodyguard 2 is placed, despite catastrophic reviews, at the third step of the podium with 4.9 million dollars, and 26 million in two weeks. The children’s film Peter Rabbit 2 and his little rodents follow him very closely and come in fourth with just under $ 4.9 million and some $ 29 million in three weeks in theaters. Cruella , with Emma Stone in the title role, grossed $ 3.7 million and $ 71 million in five weeks, placing her in fifth place.

Among the ten best scores, we also find:

6. Conjuring 3: under the influence of the devil: $ 2.9 million and $ 59 million in 4 weeks of operation
7. Where we come from: $ 2.2 million and $ 24 million in 3 weeks
8. Spirit: The Indomitable: $ 1 million and $ 16 million in 4 weeks
9. 12 Mighty Orphans: $ 591,000 and $ 2.3 million in 3 weeks
10. Nobody: $ 560,000 and $ 27 million in 14 weeks


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