Farewell to Uncle Mashkas

The great Saudi artist, Hassan Dardir, passed away today, Thursday, at the age of 84, who was famous for introducing the character “Mushkas”. The late began his artistic career in 1960 and presented the Fawazir competitions program and many theatrical works.

He said in one of his interviews with Motherland : “I cannot call myself an artist, I want the audience to describe me as such, and my start was with directors Ismail Abdul Majeed, Adel Jalal and Saeed Al-Hindi. But before that, in 1950, when I was in the Industrial School, an“ internal department ”in Jeddah, I went through The first experience in the series “City of the Dwarves” with Baba Aziz “Aziz Dia”, may God have mercy on him, played the role of the giant. It was a series directed at children, in colloquial slang. I was listening to the radio program “Abu Aram”, presented by Khaled Zaree, dealing with social issues, from here. I liked the popular character.

Dardir was born in 1938, and over the past years he succeeded in establishing the monologue and employing it in the molds of puzzles that grabbed the attention of adults before the young.

Hassan Dardir, a student at the school in 1947 AD, also participated in work in the school theater, and after completing his studies he joined a job in the customs in Jeddah, where coincidence played a role in his entry into the artistic field where he met Khaled Zaree in 1960 AD, to participate in a number of works, but it was his starting point The truth is when he performed the character of Mashgas in the series Mashgas for public services.

Also among his most prominent works are; The series Al-Aseel with the late Talal Maddah and Lotfi Zaini, Weak Point, Tuhfa and Mashkas in Kafr Al-Balas, in the Surprise Hotel with the participation of Muhammad bin Ali Sultan, and his first work was produced, Building of the Wonders in Tunisia, Songs in Bahr Al-Amani.

Mushakas was one of the founders of the television theater, along with director Bashir Mardini, Tariq Riri, Abdulaziz Abu Al-Naja, Abdullah Bajsir and Saad Al-Fraih.

The first series presented by Mashgas for General Services was written by Lotfi Zaini, Jalal Abu Zeid and Bashir Mardini, then he moved to Lebanon and established the Arab Renaissance Foundation for Artistic Production, which is the first production institution in the Kingdom.


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