Fans of the artist Adham Nabulsi answers

The questionnaire for admiration for the artist, Adham Nabulsi, resulted in a large number of fans who answered the questions, most of them were correct. The newspaper thanks its readers for this great interaction, and the following are the correct answers.

1- His full name?

Adham Diab Farid Al Nabulsi

2- His nationality?


3- When was he born?


4- Adham Nabulsi from a family of origins?


5- How many followers does he have on Instagram?

1.5 million

6- Is he considered a songwriter?


7- How many followers does he have on Twitter?


8- His major in the university?


9- What are the two songs with which he entered the art scene?

For some of our creation and our story concluded

10- How many videos are on Adham’s YouTube channel?


11- How many YouTube subscribers?

2.84 million subscribers

12- Does he have children?


Put “true” in the boxes next to each sentence that you think is correct, and “false” if it is false

1- His song “Ho El Hob” received 100 million within 5 months. “true”

2- He has a brother who has a beautiful voice.

3- He was married at a young age without love “wrong”

4- Did Adham say this phrase: When I sing to Palestine, it cannot be a business?

5- The others resemble Adham’s voice with Wael Kfoury’s voice (right)

choose the correct answer

1- The song “It’s Now” has hit 11 million after its release

Two weeks

2- How many siblings are Adham?

A young man and a girl, the third

3- He was a contestant in a program

The X Factor

4- He got married at an age

21 years

5- In his early days, he was influenced by the singer

Ihab Tawfiq

6- Who was the first to tell him that his voice is beautiful

His mother

7- Who is the artist who welcomed the idea of ​​making a duet with him?

Nassif Zaitoun

8- The song “It’s Now” in the dialect:


Complete the blanks

1- You know a feeling when you meet – a boundary that is like a boundary


2- You look with my eyes, see, how my heart is worn out, it is difficult to describe you

In letters

3 – So I don’t want anything from you, my heart and God is null in it

loves you

4- What is in a dream is complete, in the other, my type must have been sweet in the first, a happy ending ________



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