Famous continues to deceive advertising despite the penalties

“Judgment on my tongue is like honey.” This is what one of the famous social media platforms commented on the last penalty imposed on him by the Ministry of Commerce several months ago due to a misleading advertisement, and despite the sanctions imposed on him more than once for continuing to repeat the same mistake, by displaying advertisements Deceit on his followers, in order to earn money without thinking about the consequences, he did not stop that, as the last thing he misled his fans was the promotion of honey that raises immunity in several weeks, which prompted the doctors to correct the health inaccuracies of what was mentioned.

Doctors comment

A person appeared in the misleading Snap and was complaining of immunodeficiency, as it was recorded at the number 4.89, and after two weeks of honey it became 20.01, according to him, and Dr. Yazid Al-Ghunaim commented on this that the normal white blood cell rate is approximately from 4.5 to 11, but that A person reaches 20, this indicates an error in the body and may be inflammation.

While Dr. Mohamed Azmerli pointed out, “The rise in white blood cells above the normal limit is not evidence of the quality of the product, and these cells are responsible for fighting infections and diseases inside our body, and their height is evidence that the person has a problem that needs treatment, and if the rise continues more, this is an indication of the presence of tumors.” .

verdict uphold

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Commerce announced in 2021 that he and a merchant had been punished for violating the e-commerce system by advertising coffee products in the local market, deceiving and misleading the consumer and making misleading allegations.

The Committee for the Examination of Electronic Commerce Penalties approved the imposition of fines of 500,000 riyals on violators and the publication of the decision in the electronic means of the Ministry of Commerce, in implementation of the provisions of the electronic commerce system and its executive regulations.

The decision came after the Ministry of Commerce monitored the violating advertisement, in which the merchant appeared in an interview with the advertiser with the aim of marketing the coffee product.

A fine of 300,000 riyals was imposed on the merchant and a suspension of e-commerce for a period of two months, while a fine of 200,000 riyals was imposed on the advertiser and a suspension of electronic commercial advertising for a period of two months.

According to the e-commerce system and its executive regulations, the controls of electronic commercial advertising stipulate that the advertiser must declare that he has submitted “advertising material” and mention the name of the advertised product and service and the name of the service provider, and that the electronic commercial advertisement should not include any false or misleading claims or phrases to the consumer, and it is also forbidden to advertise Any trademark that the service provider (merchant) does not have the right to use.

The advertiser commented at the time that he was satisfied with his fine of 200,000 riyals, and his suspension from practicing electronic advertising for a period of two months. He thanked him for this right decision, saying, “This ruling is like honey on my tongue, and every accuracy of teaching it.”

constant controversy

Previously, social networking sites witnessed widespread controversy, against the background of circulating a video clip in which the same person was undergoing a stem cell treatment session in Ukraine, which created a controversy among followers who accused him of promoting treatment with it, in order to restore the person’s youth.

Where he appeared in a video clip documenting his trip to Ukraine, in which he begins his treatment with stem cells, which made some talk about him promoting treatment in this way, specifically it was said that he is making a misleading advertisement about healing from diabetes through stem cell treatment.

A report broadcast by the Saudi “Al-Ekhbariya” channel included a warning by the Saudi embassy in Ukraine to citizens against stem cell treatment in Ukraine, as the latter is famous for this type of treatment.

The famous merchant

He was famous for his controversy.

A successful and wealthy businessman.

It violates many regulations.

Promote products that have been proven false.


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