Faisal Al-Haroun, CEO of “Tap Payments” Kuwait

Abul-Hassan: We have a clear strategic vision to lead electronic payment solutions locally and regionally
– Al-Haroun: We aim to make a qualitative leap in the financial payment system, and to support and facilitate the services of the initiators

“Tap Payments” company for electronic financial payments has appointed Faisal Al-Haroun as CEO of its branch in Kuwait. To assume leadership tasks for the next stage of technical growth and development.

He pointed out that Al-Haroun has distinguished efficiency backed by a variety of experience, which will enhance the company’s march towards improving its performance and operational work in the electronic payments environment, which is developing daily.

The company's booth at the conference

He added that Al-Haroun has made several contributions to the success of the company’s business, most notably leading and developing the product team, which contributed to supporting and empowering stores in Kuwait and the region, by activating the latest electronic payment systems in safe, easy and innovative ways.

Abul-Hassan added that Tap Payments is the most popular company in the region, thanks to the integrated system of advanced electronic payment solutions that is available to its customers, benefiting from its leadership in this sector and its innovative solutions for payments, in addition to its network in 9 countries, namely Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

He stressed the company’s aspiration during the next phase for more growth and expansion in providing financial payment services outside the countries of the region and the Arab world, reinforced by a clear strategic vision in leading this sector locally and regionally.

For his part, Al-Haroun said that Tap Payments has strategic partnerships with the most prominent stores in Kuwait in various sectors, such as communications, aviation and retail, indicating that it has an ambitious strategy, and aims to achieve sustainability in the growth of its business and market share, and innovation in financial payment solutions. And a quantum leap in the payments sector.

He added that Tab Payments officials are working to support and facilitate the provision of advanced payment services for small and medium-sized companies, expressing his pride in its partnership with the initiators, revealing that it is preparing to launch more products and innovative electronic payment services next year, which is highly relied upon to support the business and payments of owners Projects according to the latest digitally developed services.

Al-Haroun reported that, during the Corona pandemic, “Tap Payments” took the initiative to harness its various services to support small and medium companies, which tens of thousands of small and medium companies in Kuwait and the region benefited from in record times, which contributed to the continuity of the activities of these entities despite the challenges of the complex pandemic.

Al-Haroun indicated that this achievement came as a result of the quality of services and the solid infrastructure provided by Tap Payments, which is keen to provide the latest global financial technologies recognized by the regulatory authorities, to maintain the confidentiality of information and protect its customers from financial risks and suspicions.

Al-Haroun praised the role of the Central Bank of Kuwait in developing the digital payments business environment locally, indicating that Kuwait is on the verge of a new, unprecedented stage of digital development, thanks to its efforts in building a digital infrastructure that is in line with the changes of financial payment globally.

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