Failure to adhere to advertising controls is the most prominent e-commerce violation

The Ministry of Commerce revealed that the number of violations in electronic stores reached more than 100 violations during 2020, which were referred to the committee to consider e-commerce violations, the most prominent of which is the failure to register the electronic shop in the commercial register, and the failure to adhere to the controls of electronic advertising, which is to include a statement explaining that it is an article. Advertising.


The ministry confirmed to Al-Watan that the e-commerce system stipulated that the online store must fully clarify the terms and conditions of the contract and include: procedures for concluding the contract, online store data, product / service characteristics, total price including fees, taxes and delivery fees if any, and payment and delivery arrangements Implementation, and warranty data, if any.

She added that the violations were referred immediately to the Committee for Review of Violations of the E-Commerce System, which issued a number of penalties against violating stores, which included fines, blocking and warning.

Impose penalties

The Ministry had recently punished 44 online stores that violated the rules, after the ministry detected their violation of the provisions of the e-commerce system and its implementing regulations.

It is noteworthy that the e-commerce system stipulates the imposition of penalties for anyone who violates the provisions of the system, starting with a warning, a fine of up to one million riyals, stopping the practice of e-commerce temporarily or permanently, and blocking the electronic store partially or completely, temporarily or permanently, in coordination with the entity.

Reduced prices

The Ministry also referred the owner of an online store specialized in selling mobile devices to the security authorities after it was proven that he had offered mobile devices at reduced prices through the store’s website, and announced this through a number of influencers in social media, and received remittances from buyers through the store’s bank account at a value A total of more than 4 million riyals, with no obligation to deliver the advertised devices to buyers or return the amounts to them within the period specified by law.

Rights of shoppers

The technical expert, Eng. Abdul Qader bin Hussein, warned shoppers through electronic stores to learn about the rights of shoppers that are guaranteed by the concerned authorities, and to look at the level of consumer evaluation in order to ensure that there are no scams or experiences of previous customers, indicating that the e-commerce sector is witnessing tremendous growth on an annual basis, This has increased the level of protection and development of consumer rights.

He said that shoppers should investigate and search for store and vendor information due to the development of methods of fraud against customers, especially that there is an increase in fraud and fraud on shoppers more easily and developed than traditional fraud with low cost and large returns, stressing that most stores receive high orders that cannot meet It has shows like seasons, white Friday, school shows, etc., and this exposes them to accountability, fines and fines.

The most prominent violations of electronic stores

The electronic shop is not registered in the commercial register

– The advertisement does not include clear material that indicates that it is an advertisement

Non-compliance with delivery


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